Plan for a Better Future. Build with SLR Concepts – Lifestyle, Comfort and Sustainable Living

SLR Concepts are professional builders specialising in both high end residential projects as well as strata title projects such as apartment complexes, townhouse developments and unit constructions. 

At SLR Concepts we simply take a different approach to building, design and delivery to our clients. We start by understanding what are for you, the client, the mandatories, the non -negotiables. 

For those building a new home it can be about space, about natural light, the need for sustainable living in all aspects of your completed home – energy, water, heating, cooling and the economy of space. Whether it’s a full renovation and/or extension the end result must comply with your vision, your needs and your comfort.

For this reason each SLR Concepts project is an original, a customisation to suit your needs and desires as the client. No formula builds, no display homes: the entire package is as specified, no need for options. Rather, you the client get to specify what you want and then incorporate that into the initial planning.

Whether you are a residential client or property investor or developer the same standards apply. If the current dwelling on the property is to be demolished what replaces it has to be infinitely better.

SLR Concepts have constructed apartment complexes and town house developments across Eastern and South Eastern Melbourne as well as the Mornington Peninsula. 

The key thing to remember is that you can option what features you require right from the first consultation with SLR Concepts. When you meet with our Principal Builder it’s your opportunity to plan for lifestyle, for comfort for your family and your needs. 

Where the process begins is your choice. Own a property and looking to do a re-build? Maybe it’s an extension and/or renovation. Perhaps you need advice on where to purchase and what is permitted under zoning laws. Or it could be that you’re looking to develop your property by building townhouses and apartments.

Don’t delay. Call now on 03 5981 0661 and schedule a consultation with our team at your convenience. 

You meet with our Principal Builder not salespeople. It really is the art of the possible, developing the plan and the home you’ve always envisaged. If you prefer leave your details here for a prompt reply. 

Be completely confident. SLR are experienced, competent and refreshingly reliable. From the submission of initial plans and permits through to lock up stage SLR Concepts are there with you every step of the way. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Simply the Best. 

Sea Change, Tree Change. Do It With SLR Building and Construction.

Changing times see lifestyle aspirations evolving in 2021. No longer are people necessarily looking for an inner city property within fifteen kilometres of the CBD. With work/life balance being centre stage after the lockdown, many people are looking for a more natural environment, either by the sea or amongst the trees. 

With better connectivity and bandwidth it’s become more feasible now for people to work from home. Zoom meetings, skype calls and google drive provide sound links to both  business admins and clients alike.  Employees with young families are looking for space, recreational opportunities and a fresher, closer to nature lifestyle for their families. 

The Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of housing and locations. From suburban to rural to bayside and oceanside living, the peninsula truly offers a unique range of housing opportunities. The Port Phillip bay side is relatively well known to most Melburnians. Bayside living extends from Bon Beach to Portsea. Oceanside properties are located from Portsea and Rye through to Flinders and Point Leo. Western Port sees bayside living from Hastings to Merrick. 

It’s an opportunity to either build an entirely new home to your express requirements or alternatively there are many properties suitable for renovation and extension. SLR Concepts are expert and experienced in such projects, being named as the winner this year with the HIA Renovations & Additions, Eastern Victoria (over $500K) and Victorian Finalists in Renovations and Additions Projects, (valued between $1.5M to $2.5M.)

Don’t settle for a formula-built display home, specify the home you desire, it’s features and amenities. Solar energy with battery storage, panoramic ceiling to floor glass windows, bi-fold doors or sliding doors, decking, outdoor entertainment areas with kitchenette, barbeque, swimming pool and spa. Large, modern bathrooms, water reticulation for WC and garden irrigations, large, open living areas, climate control with data driven devices, media and security systems. 

Open space and fresh air for your family, great sporting and recreational facilities, ocean surf beaches and sheltered bay beaches, looking out on green vistas with the sound of birds (not trucks).

It’s time to book a consultation with SLR Building and Construction. Call now on 03 5981 0661 and schedule a time to meet with our Principal Builder. No super sales pitch, it’s about what you desire and how best to accommodate your vision for the future. If you prefer leave you details here for a prompt response. 

Create the space you desire. SLR Concepts will be with you through the whole process – from initial planning submissions to actual lock up stage. It’s the right time to start living for the future now. 

SLR Building and Construction – it’s Simply the Best.

Building For the Future With SLR Concepts On The Mornington Peninsula

What is it that motivates someone to purchase a particular property and inspire them in that ultimate selection? Is it finding the ideal location for raising a family? A retirement ‘forever’ home? Is it based on the potential capital gain that can be achieved – or is it simply lifestyle based, the consideration of work/life balance? The answer is relatively simple – it may well be ‘all of the above’. 

The Mornington Peninsula offers a wide range of options likely to suit most people’s needs and budgets. There is no doubt that areas like Frankston, Mornington, Mt. Martha will see substantial increases in property value over the next ten years. Frankston is a diverse city, a gateway city with a wide variety of property options. The Victorian State Government has channelled considerable investment into the region because of its gateway status. In area it covers over 20 square kilometres. Compare this to Toorak at 4 kilometres and St.Kilda/Elwood at 5.5 kilometres. The city of Frankston has a rather poor reputation, but this is mainly due to the North Frankston precinct. Areas like South Frankston and the properties abutting Long Island offers spectacular opportunity if you, as the property owner, choose to rebuild, extend or renovate. Median property prices compared to the rest of Melbourne are relatively low yet the area has spectacular bayside beaches relatively good schools and a range of higher education institutions as well as sporting and recreation facilities. Property values currently range from $400K through to $720K (approx.) from Bonbeach extending to Mt. Martha. Finding the right property for re-development offers the potential of significant returns over the next ten years. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction specialise in such re-developments and renewals on the Mornington Peninsula and were recently recognised as this year’s Housing Industry of Australia Winner in the category of Renovations & Additions (over $500K) Eastern Victoria and a State Finalist in the category Renovations & Additions ($1.5M – $2.5M).

The Mornington Peninsula offers the opportunity to reset your future and build a home that fulfills both your aspirations and family needs. A home that is not only a vision for the future but a practicable, sustainable build that provides comfort, economical security and genuine lifestyle rewards. 

Plan for the future with SLR Concepts. Tick off the non-negotiables: solar system with batteries, water reticulation, data system for climate control, appliances, media and security systems –  and space – lots of space. Floor to ceiling windows, bi-fold doors – outdoor/indoor entertainment areas with decking, swimming pool and outdoor kitchen and Barbeque. Open space living areas, beautiful, spacious bathrooms and comfortable, luxurious bedrooms with ensuite and walk-in robes. Garden space for the children – the list goes on. 

The difference with SLR Concepts? You get to choose to select the design, the features and amenities of your new home. On the Mornington Peninsula most house lots are large and substantial, allowing for larger homes with lifestyle features and yet still providing excellent outdoor space for relaxation and recreation. And it’s quiet – low traffic levels. 

Want to know more? Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 to arrange a free no obligation consultation with our Principal Builder (that’s right no commission salespeople telling you what you can’t have). Or, if you prefer, leave your details here for a prompt reply. 

Start the process now – create the plans for your ‘forever home’ with SLR Concepts. Choose the lifestyle you and your family desire. 

SLR Building and Construction. 

Simply The Best. 

Strata Development Bayside and on the Mornington Peninsula with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

The Mornington Peninsula has long been accepted as a retirement mecca for many Melburnians. Add to this the coastal strip from Mordialloc through to Frankston and Bayside on Westernport from Somerville through to Hastings, Merricks and Flinders – all these areas are considered very desirable retirement locations. 

However, with changing lifestyles many older people are now looking for options with less maintenance and obligations than a traditional home. Townhouses, units and apartments are super appealing to this demographic.

And as the population ages suitable blocks for strata development become available in correctly zoned areas, which include many of the locations previously mentioned.

Larger blocks can accommodate 6 to 8 townhouses, or 3-4 luxury townhouses. Again an apartment complex these days can be constructed allowing up to 60 squares per apartment – real space, real living, the SLR Concepts way.

A recent project completed saw SLR Concepts Team develop an apartment complex in Woodbine Avenue, Chelsea. The previous dwelling here was a standard 3 bedroom weatherboard home that had seen better days. Local Government recognises the limitation of such housing in that it is not suitable for renovation and acknowledges such older dwellings are situated on very large blocks. Consequently, a number of Councils have rezoned many areas to accept Strata Title and Dual Occupancy on such blocks.

The financial advantages to those owning such properties are obvious. And with modern construction techniques, large comfortable dwellings taking full advantage of natural light and space are the result.

SLR Concepts have constructed a number of such developments in both South East Melbourne, the inner North and in Ringwood North in the Outer East of Melbourne.

With modern conveniences that includes full climate control, data based household systems, water saving, clever use of outdoor and common areas, SLR Concepts achieve a truly sustainable building foot print on all of its projects.

Dual occupancy is another option for those owning suitable properties with larger blocks. It’s simpler to demolish the older dwelling and create two new dwellings of substantial size and comfort. Owners then have the option of a passive income from rent or making the choice to  sell the second new dwelling for capital gain.

For those interested in exploring Dual Occupancy or Town House development, please feel free to call our office on 03 5981 0661 and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

SLR Concepts will facilitate and confirm all permits and documentation required by local authorities, providing a stress-free process for clients, right through to ‘lock up’ stage

Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave you details here for a prompt reply to your enquiry.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Real Space, Real Living, Luxury and Comfort.

The Mornington Peninsula Build With SLR Concepts

Starting at probably Seaford in Melbourne’s South East, Bayside living and working offers real advantages in these days of online communication – zoom, skype, facetime to name a few options. Melbourne is fast becoming a huge metropolitan city with smaller satellite cities being constructed on the outer edges. In the South East there is Cranbourne, Frankston, Mornington and Rosebud offering great commercial sites as well as a wide range of housing options. 

Commercial and industrial estates are expanding from Seaford, Baxter and Mornington to Hastings, Dromana and Rosebud. There are significant incentives for businesses to relocate to some of these locations. Peninsula road links now provides easy access to the East Link and Monash Freeways. Travel time for staff is significantly reduced with the access provided by the Peninsula Freeway to centres like Dandenong, Frankston, Berwick and Pakenham. The South East corridor of Melbourne is the city’s fastest growth area. 

SLR Concepts can provide building and construction services to both commercial and residential clients. Commercial office and warehouse complexes, retail premises and combinations of retail and residential with luxury apartment living are all possible. 

But now to residential. Over the past few weeks we have discussed various options open and available to those wishing to build, renovate or restore residential properties on the Mornington Peninsula. 

There are a number of these opportunities. Most of the housing stock located between Seaford and Portsea and, alternatively, between Frankston and Flinders was constructed and built in the mid twentieth century through until the late 1990s. The majority were holiday homes, except in the Seaford /Frankston area and from Mt. Eliza through to Mt. Martha with Mornington being the epicentre of an area of many “forever retiree’s homes”. There is a transition now of younger people buying up such properties looking to renovate, refurbish or rebuild. 

SLR Concepts offer real understanding and a verifiable track record in the construction, restoration and remodelling of such existing dwellings throughout the Peninsula and its areas. This SLR team were the winners of the HIA Renovation and Restoration section in Eastern Victorian for Projects Valued Between $500K and $1.5M, as well as being State Finalists in the same category. 

Now is the time to start the process. Change your lifestyle. Opt for beaches, fresh air and forests and a home with space and the features you want.  

Vacant block or knock down and rebuild – what are the best options – the right solution for you and your family? A small acreage in Moorooduc or maybe Bfurnay views in McCrae or Tootgarook. A large beachside home suitable for renovation and renewal in Dromana? Or an older refined property suitable for renovation in Mornington?  

Talk to the experts. Call SLR Concepts now on 03 59810661 and arrange a free, no obligation consultation with our Principal Builder – yes that’s right you speak directly to the Builder – no commission sales agents, no high pressure tactics. Talk about your vision for the future, the home you want for your family. You can also leave your details here for a prompt reply to arrange an appointment.

SLR Concepts are with you through the entire process from the submission of the initial planning permits right through to hand over and lock up stage. SLR Concepts Building and Construction, the builders you can trust. 

Design, Comfort and Quality.

Simply the Very Best. 

Renovate and Extend with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

As time passes what has been comfortable and adequate for your family can often become claustrophobic and intense with children entering their teenage years. As parents your thoughts turn to providing each of them their own room and it becomes obvious that in the living room space is at a premium. It’s time to consider a refurbishment, a renovation, an extension or even a rebuild with SLR Concepts

Your decision will be influenced by a range of factors –  location, the size of your existing dwelling, the dimensions of your current block and the structural integrity of your current home. Other factors include the era in which your home was built and any covenants or overlays that may apply -zoning, heritage overlays, greenspace requirements and height restrictions. 

You may have multiple options. It could be that you extend utilising your large block, add new living areas, outdoor entertainment areas, new bathrooms and bedrooms. A second storey extension or simply re-engineering your home with a sizeable addition will provide real space and real room to move

Another option is to knock down your existing home and create a dual occupancy property. With modern building techniques and engineering your new home (and it’s twin that you can rent or sell to finance your project) can be up to 60 squares in area featuring all modern conveniences. 

Today it’s common sense to incorporate a full solar system with battery storage. Add a sensible water reticulation and storage system to service your WCs, spa, swimming pool and gardening irrigation. Add spacious tiled bathrooms with modern, functional fittings with designer basins, bathtubs and full length glass shower walls. Climate systems data controlled for heating and cooling, data controlled media and security systems. Indoor living areas with full length sliding glass doors opening onto an outdoor kitchen/barbeque area with a kitchen herb garden. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

SLR Concepts offer the art of the possible. Older properties on the Mornington Peninsula offer excellent opportunities for renovation and restoration – bay views with lifestyle options, holiday homes renovated and rejuvenated to suit your lifestyle.

For further information and an obligation free consultation with our principal builder call 03 5981 0661 for a prompt reply. Or leave your details here, if you prefer. 

SLR Concepts will be with you from submission of all local government documents and planning permits right through until completed “lockup”.

SLR Building and Construction – The Name You Can Trust. 

SLR Concepts – Simply The Very Best. 


Client Focused, Lifestyle is the goal with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Building a new home for many seems to be a relinquishment of all control. Larger formula building companies leave very little room for individuality and variance. With SLR Concepts, it’s quite the opposite – your vision, your desires, your lifestyle and plans for the future take on centre stage… It’s your chance to build the dream home you’ve always desired for your family, your children, for you!

Larger building companies work to quite inflexible planning and design. Based on the commonality of materials supplied (roofing, framing, flooring and fittings.). These larger companies who claim to be ‘keeping the prices down’ are actually all about ensuring continuing exceptional profitability. Buying in bulk provides cost benefits, however it also creates whole estates of the same ‘McMansions.’

Land parcels are purchased with a view to offering house and land packages. Often these new estates are located on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne requiring a significant commute for new home owners to their places of employment with little or no reward. Open paddocks, few amenities and a long drive.

Variations on standard designs are either expensive or just not available. Compare this to SLR Concepts. Here, the home owner becomes the client. Location? The Mornington Peninsula – beachside or bush. Mr Eliza, Mr Martha, Mornington, Dromana, Rosebud, McCrae, Tootgarook, Rye, Sorrento, Portsea – There are price points for all budget levels. On the Western Port side there are similar options from Hastings, Sommers, Balnarring, Merricks through to Flinders. You select the land and the location with SLR Concepts advice and direction… Looking for somewhere with a more suburban feel yet offering lifestyle and beach options? Think of Mordialloc through to Frankston with options in Baxter, Tyabb and Somerville (New Homes.).

At SLR Concepts our design team confer with you on what your requirements are. Sustainability? Solar systems with battery – live off the grid. Water Savings? Full water reticulation systems for WC’s, Pools, Spas and garden irrigation. Climate controlled Heating and Cooling.

Open space living with an indoor/outdoor merging onto terraces or decking. Large bifold or sliding doors. Sound-proofing with double glazing. Media systems with home theatre. Large modern and comfortable bathrooms with beautiful modern ceramics and stone finishes. Master Bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and panoramic views … the list goes on. You, the client, get to select the many options available that suit your lifestyle; your needs, your requirements (Projects.).

At SLR you deal directly with our principal builder. No commission salespeople, no option plans to tick off as extras, no cookie-cutter designs on large estates. An individual design and build that follows your prescriptions, your desires, your budget – your new home.

Call now on 03 59810661 and arrange a free no-obligation Consultation to discuss your project. Let SLR advise you on the best options available to you to suit your needs. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

SLR Concepts are there with you from day one – from Local Government planning permits through to completion and lock-up stage. No compromise, no unavoidable delays. On time, on budget.

You can trust SLR Concepts – Award Winning Projects, superb design – Simply the very best.

The Mornington Peninsula – Lifestyle, Space and Comfort with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Last year’s lockdown had many of us questioning our living situations.  Life/work balance suddenly appeared out of kilter. The real lockdown was the suburban location and a home many had decided they had outgrown. Or it may be that you want a simpler life for your children – fresh air, space and a less polluted environment. The life/work balance equation has changed for many people. If there is to be a daily commute it needs to be far less arduous and there must be real rewards in enduring hours in the car or on the train. Conversely with more of an emphasis on working from home it would appear there has been a paradigm shift to a different life/work equation that favours working from home.

The Mornington Peninsula offers an excellent range of options. The commute to the southern and eastern suburbs is relatively easy and effective with few delays. Public transport has improved dramatically with good rail and bus connections through Frankston, Cranbourne and Dandenong. There are options aplenty. In places like Dromana, McCrae, Tootgarook and Rosebud there are older properties that are suitable for either a knock down and rebuild, stylish renovations or full refurbishments

Take a step up the property ladder and there are some excellent opportunities in Mt. Eliza Mt. Martha, Mornington and again on the other side, bordering Westernport, at Summers, Merricks, Balnarring and Shoreham. Often these are homes that have been built to take advantage of ocean views, holiday homes that offer real possibilities for renovation or re-development

When building with SLR Concepts the SLR team take a lateral approach to the projects. Today we want our homes to feature open space living, full solar energy, water reticulation systems and more. 

Spas, swimming pools, lap pools and outdoor entertainment areas that merge with interior living areas; open panoramic windows with sliding or folding glass doors; data systems that control appliances, heating and cooling – climate control; real energy efficiency that offers a sustainable future for you and your family.  

For some it’s the lure of a small acreage. Gardens, vegetable plots, horses and dogs. SLR can take an older building and render a contemporary finish providing real comfort and security. Sometimes it’s a better decision to spend your money on what it is you really desire rather than opting for a profitable location in an inner-city selection that simply has you paying off a large mortgage for little reward. 

The Mornington Peninsula offers lifestyle – beaches, surf, vineyards, bushland and much more. Excellent schools, sporting facilities and shopping centres. Live for today, provide the lifestyle you want for your family.

Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Schedule an appointment with our building team to discuss the possibilities and what such a building project will entail. If you have a property suitable for renovation then book in a site visit. You will be meeting with our principal builder not a commission sales agent,

SLR Concepts will be with you throughout the journey. From initial permits and planning submissions right through to the final lock up stage. 

SLR Concepts have an enviable track record in similar projects across South Eastern Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. 

You can trust SLR Concepts to complete your project on time, on budget. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Simply the Very Best. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction. A Sound Investment for Property Developers.

Over the last 5 years (and for many years previously) the SLR concepts team have completed a number of substantial developments for individuals and corporations participating in the Strata Title property market.

In Melbourne’s Outer Eastern and South Eastern suburbs, there are many substantial properties, some up to two or three standard house blocks in size, with homes built in the 1940s,50’s,60’s and 70s. Many of these properties offer no possibilities for renovation and are simple formula build brick veneers and weatherboard family homes of the period. Often the property has reached the stage where the land valuation alone makes up the bulk of the properties intrinsic value.

When these properties are purchased for Strata Title development SLR Concepts can deliver a workable site plan in consultation with new property owners and developers after the initial purchase and demolition of the existing dwelling. In some instances, the pre-existing dwelling is renovated and restored but often, it’s simply a completely fresh start. 

Depending on location, a decision is made on whether to build an Apartment Complex, Townhouses or Units. Generally, this is determined by the local zoning and space available. Townhouses are self-contained with small outdoor entertainment areas and entrance areas whereas apartments tend to be multi-storey in suitable locations.

It could be that your property may be suitable for such a development, but you really don’t feel confident to explore the options further without some solid and practical advice from an experienced builder or trustworthy third-party investor. 

It’s the right time to contact SLR Concepts to schedule and arrange an appointment with our principal builder to discuss the possibilities and potentials for your property. A no fee, no obligation on-site meeting can provide the stepping stones to a successful and profitable outcome for you, as a property owner.

Simply call now on 59810661 and make an appointment to meet with our builder, or if you prefer leave your details here for a prompt reply. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction are competent, experienced and reliable. With a verifiable track record in quality projects ranging from modest renovations to multi-million dollar Apartment complexes, SLR Concepts are the Builders you can completely trust, guiding you through the entire process from planning permits to completed ‘lockup’ stage. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction 

 Simply the Very Best.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction Always the Right Choice. Design and Build Your Dream Home.

When considering a new home, it’s not uncommon to develop a ‘wish list’ of features and amenities you desire in your ‘dream home’. Space, light and genuine comfort usually top the list. Location is critical and a modern fit-out that includes solar systems, climate control and data driven equipment such as kitchen appliances, media centre, heating and cooling. 

Add to this security, water reticulation for toilets and swimming pools and it’s quite a ‘wish list’. But don’t be dissuaded – with SLR Concepts it’s the art of the possible, it’s building for the future – now.  

If you select a ‘formula’ builder the best that will be offered is a modified version of the display homes you may be visiting. Some options will simply not be available, others you may pay a premium for. It’s more like what you can’t have, rather than what you would like to include. You are dealing with commission salespeople who simply don’t have the latitude or the authority to include your wishes or change the design formula. With SLR Concepts Building and Construction, it’s really all about creating the home, the vision, the comfort and the amenities you desire. Create the plan from the outset for the home you have envisaged with SLR Concepts. No shortcuts, no compromise.

Selecting the right builder is imperative. Competence, a verifiable track record on similar projects and recommendations are a good start. but just as importantly, you want a builder who offers creativity, vision and a complete complement of the latest in fit out, equipment and the clever use of space.

Importantly, you now want a home that is energy efficient, with effective water saving and up to the minute climate control. For all these reasons it’s the right time to be talking to SLR Concepts.

At SLR Concepts, whether you select to build on acreage, bayside with water views or to create a dual occupancy option in an established location such as Black Rock, Beaumaris or on the Mornington Peninsula, the finished result will be an outstanding property of simply exceptional design and premium quality.

It’s time to enjoy the real space available through modern design. Merging internal and outdoor living areas, large feature windows, modern fully equipped kitchen areas and bathrooms with real room to move with the latest in ceramics and tapware.

If you’re considering your next move – whether it’s to ‘knock down’ the existing dwelling and create a larger multi-storey dwelling, or if you have a large enough block to pursue dual occupancy or strata title development – town houses, apartments or units, it’s the right time to contact SLR Concepts.

SLR Concepts will ensure all permits and Council documentation are prepared completed and submitted correctly. Clients are given a schedule of construction right up to lock-up stage. Variables are completely minimal. A completely professional approach from SLR Concepts gives you the client real ‘peace of mind’.

So, in reality, it’s not just a builder you require – it’s a builder with energy, style and an eye for comfort and luxury, a builder who will create the home you desire, that when finished you will simply delight in both now and for years to come.

Now is the right time to contact SLR Concepts. Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt and informative response.

SLR Concepts – Create Your Space