With renovations in vogue, we have had the pleasure of creating more usable space on several projects over the last 12 months. From a beach house to inner city homes, we have built luxurious additions with that personal touch.

We meet with you to determine what you are looking for and how best we can turn that wasted space into your dream project.

We can even put you in contact with a specialist consultant to help you identify the ‘want’ that you just can’t otherwise seem to put into words.

One of our recent renovations was on a client’s beach home.

We added not only a pool house but enclosed an underneath area to not only create extra storage but to enable our client to fulfill his dream of having a golf simulator in his holiday home.

That meant he could live his dream of still playing his favourite sport during these times of lockdown.

No idea or dream is too small for us to make come true.

For more information contact SLR Concepts on 5977 9732 or email us at

Our team at work planning the renovation.
Almost ready to go.

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