Select the Right Builder – SLR Concepts Building and Construction. The Right Choice.

When you’ve decided to build, renovate or extend it’s imperative that you select the right builder. A builder that is entirely reliable, experienced and can demonstrate a viable track record in high level construction and project development. 

SLR Concepts were the winners of the HIA Renovation/Addition Project Eastern Victoria, and a State Finalist in the Renovation/Addition Projects Valued Between $1.5M and $2.5M. 

To ‘build’ is a huge undertaking. It’s a preparation for the future. Whether it’s your new home, a commercial site or Strata title – apartments, townhouses or units – there are non-negotiables. Quality design, the latest in construction techniques, sustainable practices – this must be the vision and the capability of your selected builder.

Today, it’s the living space, the building’s footprint that counts. Room to move yet full climate control – warm in winter, cool in summer – an ambient temperature for living. A full solar system that enables virtual off-grid living. Water saving devices and systems. All practical, all controlled via modern data systems.

But there’s still more. For most of us, we are looking for comfort, for luxurious fit-outs for elegant yet practical design. This applies equally to our place of employment or work. We spend many hours in our homes, offices and shopfronts. There is no reason that we should not expect the very best in modern design and functionality.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction have an excellent track record in creating and developing such projects. Whether it’s Beachside in Rye, St Andrew’s Beach Mt Martha or other location on the Mornington Peninsula, or further towards Greater Melbourne in Black Rock, Sandringham, Parkdale, Edithvale or Brighton, the SLR Concepts team are familiar with all levels of planning, building regulations and local statutes in all these areas.

Add to this SLR Concepts’ extensive portfolio of Townhouse developmentsApartments and luxury private homes throughout Melbourne’s East and South Eastern Suburbs – true quality, inspired design – the ultimate in modern living.

Look to your future. Develop a home that provides a complete living space for you and your family for a lifetime. Don’t settle for second best. Modern living, real space, comfort – a genuine feeling of luxury. You and your family deserve it.

Call now on 03 5981 0661 for a free no-obligation consultation on your building needs. Find out what’s possible, what is available. Free yourself from the past. No more cramped rooms, low light. Light and airy, beautiful vistas with large feature windows, balconies, decking, pools – it really is only limited by your imagination.

Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Luxury, Comfort and Sustainable Dwellings. Step into the future – you deserve it.

It’s simply the best!

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