Client Focused, Lifestyle is the goal with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Building a new home for many seems to be a relinquishment of all control. Larger formula building companies leave very little room for individuality and variance. With SLR Concepts, it’s quite the opposite – your vision, your desires, your lifestyle and plans for the future take on centre stage… It’s your chance to build the dream home you’ve always desired for your family, your children, for you!

Larger building companies work to quite inflexible planning and design. Based on the commonality of materials supplied (roofing, framing, flooring and fittings.). These larger companies who claim to be ‘keeping the prices down’ are actually all about ensuring continuing exceptional profitability. Buying in bulk provides cost benefits, however it also creates whole estates of the same ‘McMansions.’

Land parcels are purchased with a view to offering house and land packages. Often these new estates are located on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne requiring a significant commute for new home owners to their places of employment with little or no reward. Open paddocks, few amenities and a long drive.

Variations on standard designs are either expensive or just not available. Compare this to SLR Concepts. Here, the home owner becomes the client. Location? The Mornington Peninsula – beachside or bush. Mr Eliza, Mr Martha, Mornington, Dromana, Rosebud, McCrae, Tootgarook, Rye, Sorrento, Portsea – There are price points for all budget levels. On the Western Port side there are similar options from Hastings, Sommers, Balnarring, Merricks through to Flinders. You select the land and the location with SLR Concepts advice and direction… Looking for somewhere with a more suburban feel yet offering lifestyle and beach options? Think of Mordialloc through to Frankston with options in Baxter, Tyabb and Somerville (New Homes.).

At SLR Concepts our design team confer with you on what your requirements are. Sustainability? Solar systems with battery – live off the grid. Water Savings? Full water reticulation systems for WC’s, Pools, Spas and garden irrigation. Climate controlled Heating and Cooling.

Open space living with an indoor/outdoor merging onto terraces or decking. Large bifold or sliding doors. Sound-proofing with double glazing. Media systems with home theatre. Large modern and comfortable bathrooms with beautiful modern ceramics and stone finishes. Master Bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and panoramic views … the list goes on. You, the client, get to select the many options available that suit your lifestyle; your needs, your requirements (Projects.).

At SLR you deal directly with our principal builder. No commission salespeople, no option plans to tick off as extras, no cookie-cutter designs on large estates. An individual design and build that follows your prescriptions, your desires, your budget – your new home.

Call now on 03 59810661 and arrange a free no-obligation Consultation to discuss your project. Let SLR advise you on the best options available to you to suit your needs. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

SLR Concepts are there with you from day one – from Local Government planning permits through to completion and lock-up stage. No compromise, no unavoidable delays. On time, on budget.

You can trust SLR Concepts – Award Winning Projects, superb design – Simply the very best.

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