Client Focused, Lifestyle is the goal with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Building a new home for many seems to be a relinquishment of all control. Larger formula building companies leave very little room for individuality and variance. With SLR Concepts, it’s quite the opposite – your vision, your desires, your lifestyle and plans for the future take on centre stage… It’s your chance to build the dream home you’ve always desired for your family, your children, for you!

Larger building companies work to quite inflexible planning and design. Based on the commonality of materials supplied (roofing, framing, flooring and fittings.). These larger companies who claim to be ‘keeping the prices down’ are actually all about ensuring continuing exceptional profitability. Buying in bulk provides cost benefits, however it also creates whole estates of the same ‘McMansions.’

Land parcels are purchased with a view to offering house and land packages. Often these new estates are located on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne requiring a significant commute for new home owners to their places of employment with little or no reward. Open paddocks, few amenities and a long drive.

Variations on standard designs are either expensive or just not available. Compare this to SLR Concepts. Here, the home owner becomes the client. Location? The Mornington Peninsula – beachside or bush. Mr Eliza, Mr Martha, Mornington, Dromana, Rosebud, McCrae, Tootgarook, Rye, Sorrento, Portsea – There are price points for all budget levels. On the Western Port side there are similar options from Hastings, Sommers, Balnarring, Merricks through to Flinders. You select the land and the location with SLR Concepts advice and direction… Looking for somewhere with a more suburban feel yet offering lifestyle and beach options? Think of Mordialloc through to Frankston with options in Baxter, Tyabb and Somerville (New Homes.).

At SLR Concepts our design team confer with you on what your requirements are. Sustainability? Solar systems with battery – live off the grid. Water Savings? Full water reticulation systems for WC’s, Pools, Spas and garden irrigation. Climate controlled Heating and Cooling.

Open space living with an indoor/outdoor merging onto terraces or decking. Large bifold or sliding doors. Sound-proofing with double glazing. Media systems with home theatre. Large modern and comfortable bathrooms with beautiful modern ceramics and stone finishes. Master Bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and panoramic views … the list goes on. You, the client, get to select the many options available that suit your lifestyle; your needs, your requirements (Projects.).

At SLR you deal directly with our principal builder. No commission salespeople, no option plans to tick off as extras, no cookie-cutter designs on large estates. An individual design and build that follows your prescriptions, your desires, your budget – your new home.

Call now on 03 59810661 and arrange a free no-obligation Consultation to discuss your project. Let SLR advise you on the best options available to you to suit your needs. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

SLR Concepts are there with you from day one – from Local Government planning permits through to completion and lock-up stage. No compromise, no unavoidable delays. On time, on budget.

You can trust SLR Concepts – Award Winning Projects, superb design – Simply the very best.

The Mornington Peninsula – Lifestyle, Space and Comfort with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Last year’s lockdown had many of us questioning our living situations.  Life/work balance suddenly appeared out of kilter. The real lockdown was the suburban location and a home many had decided they had outgrown. Or it may be that you want a simpler life for your children – fresh air, space and a less polluted environment. The life/work balance equation has changed for many people. If there is to be a daily commute it needs to be far less arduous and there must be real rewards in enduring hours in the car or on the train. Conversely with more of an emphasis on working from home it would appear there has been a paradigm shift to a different life/work equation that favours working from home.

The Mornington Peninsula offers an excellent range of options. The commute to the southern and eastern suburbs is relatively easy and effective with few delays. Public transport has improved dramatically with good rail and bus connections through Frankston, Cranbourne and Dandenong. There are options aplenty. In places like Dromana, McCrae, Tootgarook and Rosebud there are older properties that are suitable for either a knock down and rebuild, stylish renovations or full refurbishments

Take a step up the property ladder and there are some excellent opportunities in Mt. Eliza Mt. Martha, Mornington and again on the other side, bordering Westernport, at Summers, Merricks, Balnarring and Shoreham. Often these are homes that have been built to take advantage of ocean views, holiday homes that offer real possibilities for renovation or re-development

When building with SLR Concepts the SLR team take a lateral approach to the projects. Today we want our homes to feature open space living, full solar energy, water reticulation systems and more. 

Spas, swimming pools, lap pools and outdoor entertainment areas that merge with interior living areas; open panoramic windows with sliding or folding glass doors; data systems that control appliances, heating and cooling – climate control; real energy efficiency that offers a sustainable future for you and your family.  

For some it’s the lure of a small acreage. Gardens, vegetable plots, horses and dogs. SLR can take an older building and render a contemporary finish providing real comfort and security. Sometimes it’s a better decision to spend your money on what it is you really desire rather than opting for a profitable location in an inner-city selection that simply has you paying off a large mortgage for little reward. 

The Mornington Peninsula offers lifestyle – beaches, surf, vineyards, bushland and much more. Excellent schools, sporting facilities and shopping centres. Live for today, provide the lifestyle you want for your family.

Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Schedule an appointment with our building team to discuss the possibilities and what such a building project will entail. If you have a property suitable for renovation then book in a site visit. You will be meeting with our principal builder not a commission sales agent,

SLR Concepts will be with you throughout the journey. From initial permits and planning submissions right through to the final lock up stage. 

SLR Concepts have an enviable track record in similar projects across South Eastern Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. 

You can trust SLR Concepts to complete your project on time, on budget. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Simply the Very Best. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction. A Sound Investment for Property Developers.

Over the last 5 years (and for many years previously) the SLR concepts team have completed a number of substantial developments for individuals and corporations participating in the Strata Title property market.

In Melbourne’s Outer Eastern and South Eastern suburbs, there are many substantial properties, some up to two or three standard house blocks in size, with homes built in the 1940s,50’s,60’s and 70s. Many of these properties offer no possibilities for renovation and are simple formula build brick veneers and weatherboard family homes of the period. Often the property has reached the stage where the land valuation alone makes up the bulk of the properties intrinsic value.

When these properties are purchased for Strata Title development SLR Concepts can deliver a workable site plan in consultation with new property owners and developers after the initial purchase and demolition of the existing dwelling. In some instances, the pre-existing dwelling is renovated and restored but often, it’s simply a completely fresh start. 

Depending on location, a decision is made on whether to build an Apartment Complex, Townhouses or Units. Generally, this is determined by the local zoning and space available. Townhouses are self-contained with small outdoor entertainment areas and entrance areas whereas apartments tend to be multi-storey in suitable locations.

It could be that your property may be suitable for such a development, but you really don’t feel confident to explore the options further without some solid and practical advice from an experienced builder or trustworthy third-party investor. 

It’s the right time to contact SLR Concepts to schedule and arrange an appointment with our principal builder to discuss the possibilities and potentials for your property. A no fee, no obligation on-site meeting can provide the stepping stones to a successful and profitable outcome for you, as a property owner.

Simply call now on 59810661 and make an appointment to meet with our builder, or if you prefer leave your details here for a prompt reply. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction are competent, experienced and reliable. With a verifiable track record in quality projects ranging from modest renovations to multi-million dollar Apartment complexes, SLR Concepts are the Builders you can completely trust, guiding you through the entire process from planning permits to completed ‘lockup’ stage. 

SLR Concepts Building and Construction 

 Simply the Very Best.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction Always the Right Choice. Design and Build Your Dream Home.

When considering a new home, it’s not uncommon to develop a ‘wish list’ of features and amenities you desire in your ‘dream home’. Space, light and genuine comfort usually top the list. Location is critical and a modern fit-out that includes solar systems, climate control and data driven equipment such as kitchen appliances, media centre, heating and cooling. 

Add to this security, water reticulation for toilets and swimming pools and it’s quite a ‘wish list’. But don’t be dissuaded – with SLR Concepts it’s the art of the possible, it’s building for the future – now.  

If you select a ‘formula’ builder the best that will be offered is a modified version of the display homes you may be visiting. Some options will simply not be available, others you may pay a premium for. It’s more like what you can’t have, rather than what you would like to include. You are dealing with commission salespeople who simply don’t have the latitude or the authority to include your wishes or change the design formula. With SLR Concepts Building and Construction, it’s really all about creating the home, the vision, the comfort and the amenities you desire. Create the plan from the outset for the home you have envisaged with SLR Concepts. No shortcuts, no compromise.

Selecting the right builder is imperative. Competence, a verifiable track record on similar projects and recommendations are a good start. but just as importantly, you want a builder who offers creativity, vision and a complete complement of the latest in fit out, equipment and the clever use of space.

Importantly, you now want a home that is energy efficient, with effective water saving and up to the minute climate control. For all these reasons it’s the right time to be talking to SLR Concepts.

At SLR Concepts, whether you select to build on acreage, bayside with water views or to create a dual occupancy option in an established location such as Black Rock, Beaumaris or on the Mornington Peninsula, the finished result will be an outstanding property of simply exceptional design and premium quality.

It’s time to enjoy the real space available through modern design. Merging internal and outdoor living areas, large feature windows, modern fully equipped kitchen areas and bathrooms with real room to move with the latest in ceramics and tapware.

If you’re considering your next move – whether it’s to ‘knock down’ the existing dwelling and create a larger multi-storey dwelling, or if you have a large enough block to pursue dual occupancy or strata title development – town houses, apartments or units, it’s the right time to contact SLR Concepts.

SLR Concepts will ensure all permits and Council documentation are prepared completed and submitted correctly. Clients are given a schedule of construction right up to lock-up stage. Variables are completely minimal. A completely professional approach from SLR Concepts gives you the client real ‘peace of mind’.

So, in reality, it’s not just a builder you require – it’s a builder with energy, style and an eye for comfort and luxury, a builder who will create the home you desire, that when finished you will simply delight in both now and for years to come.

Now is the right time to contact SLR Concepts. Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt and informative response.

SLR Concepts – Create Your Space

Renovation and Refurbishment with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

Isn’t it about time to look to modernising your family home? Located in a desirable Bayside or Eastern suburb of Melbourne, the home is a formula build from the 1950s, 60s or 70s. Alternatively, it’s a pre-war California Bungalow or perhaps a Federation period home constructed at the beginning of the twentieth century. 

There is one thing that is missing – Space! And to some extent, natural light. 

Houses constructed up until as late as the mid 1990s depended on onsite fabrication and framing.  Framing, including roof trusses, for many years was always constructed onsite. Of course, to some extent, this limited the size and capacity of such constructions. 

Structurally these types of homes were dependent upon internal walls for support. Brick veneer was exactly that – a mere veneer, a course of decorative bricks offering no structural support. The result? Box like rooms with small windows and low ceilings. Passageways with bedrooms leading off to the side, a single bathroom and at the end of the passageway a larger living space with slightly larger windows – all situated on a substantial block, usually a quarter acre. 

Families grew up in these houses but as times changed the demand for “open space living” increased.  Pre constructed roof trusses, floating slabs anchored with concrete piers, structural steel and larger glass feature windows represented a new form of modern engineered building. 

The result? Much improved open space in living areas with a merging of indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. Living rooms opening onto wide expanses of decking or paving with retractable shade protection. 

Today homes now experience generous natural light, modern energy saving systems, solar power (with batteries), water reticulation and full climate control – summer and winter. 

The possibilities are exciting. Add another storey to your single storey dwelling. Utilise a huge backyard for a new extension – a living area, pool, an outdoor entertainment area. Maybe a full deck at the rear with a view including a spa and a lap pool. 

Larger bathrooms – the main and an ensuite to the master bedroom. A master bedroom with large feature windows, walk in robes and a complete ensuite as well as a guest room featuring walk in robes and large feature windows. 

It’s time to discuss the possibilities with a competent professional builder. 

Don’t delay. Arrange an appointment with our principal builder at SLR Concepts

Call 03 5981 0661 now and schedule a time for an obligation free consultation. Yes, that’s right. You’ll meet with the actual builder, not a commission salesperson. It’s really about what you want not what you can’t have. 

It’s the art of the possible with SLR Concepts Building and Construction. Alternatively, if you desire, simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

Move into your future with comfort and excellence in quality and design. You can trust SLR Concepts. They’re right there with you from the submission of planning permits to local council through to final lock up stage. SLR Concepts – with you all the way. 

Excellence in Building Construction and Design.

SLR Concepts – simply the very best.