Beachside with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

Initially the SLR Concepts design team were confronted with merging three seemingly unrelated buildings on the same hilltop block at St. Andrews Beach into one liveable, comfortable dwelling.  The Renovation needed to take advantage of the stunning views out over the ocean (Bass Strait) and the sheltering hillside where the buildings currently stood.  

The end result is a fabulous entertaining area, both front and rear, with decking on the ocean side and a pool; and to the rear an outdoor kitchen/bar b q area, which all opens into one large area for summer living. 

Large sliding feature windows, floor to ceiling, provide panoramic views and during the cooler months enable superb climate control.

The renovation offers real privacy yet enables a genuinely comfortable lifestyle, a mere five to ten minutes’ walk from the beach. 

The house merges with the environment, placing the occupants in a beautiful, natural space

– their own oasis with all modern comforts. 

Opportunities for such developments abound on the Mornington Peninsula. SLR Concepts developed a similar project in Rye last year as well. Clever engineering and modern building techniques enabled a build that sat the dwelling atop a small sand hillock, well anchored deep into the sub soil.

There are a wide range of older holiday homes on the peninsula suitable for such developments.  It’s time to look to the future yet enjoy the very best of life 

– natural lighting, solar energy, water reticulation, large open space living, panoramic views. 

Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 for a free, no obligation consultation with our Principal Builder at your convenience. Or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Create the space you desire, the lifestyle you demand. Build with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

SLR Concepts – simply the very best. 

Apartment Living at its very best with SLR Concepts building and Construction

Today’s young home buyers have a different perspective, a different slant if you like, on what their first home will be and what their priorities are.

Gone are the days of quarter acre blocks in far flung suburbs with zero in the way of services. Today’s young home buyers aren’t interested in endless lawn mowing, box like rooms or long bus and train commutes for their children.

It’s all about Apartments. Modern, well-appointed apartments within easy reach of the CBD or major suburban shopping hubs. Natural light, space, entertainment areas and in many cases body corporate shared facilities – pools, gyms, etc.

In the past apartments were quite correctly called ‘flats’ – because once you entered them that was it. Walls with a couple of windows and an unusable balcony – unsafe for children – it generally left you feeling… flat.

SLR Concepts build and construct apartments designed for modern living. Up to 60sqs in area with light filled living areas. Well-appointed kitchen/dining areas with large fully tiled bathrooms. Climate control, water reticulation, data systems for media and appliances, solar energy, the list goes on.

It’s important for would-be developers, and those who wish to capitalise on their existing property through Strata Title development, to understand just what the market demands and to whom they can turn to provide the right formula, the right result.

Young buyers are armed with the First Homebuyer’s grant as well as Commonwealth assistance in achieving a purchase through deposit matching.

Take a look at the range of Apartments, Townhouses, Units and Dual Occupancy properties built in recent years by SLR Concepts. Locations range from East Ringwood to Chelsea, St Kilda to Ivanhoe, Bentleigh to Murrumbeena. All feature good effective transport, excellent schools, pre-schools and sporting facilities, shopping and passive recreation areas.

SLR Concepts latest Apartment project in Blessington Street, St Kilda will be completed over the next 6 months. Want to know more? For prospective property development and Strata Title development projects, call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here to arrange a free no obligation consultation with our principal builder at your convenience – on site or wherever you stipulate. Be informed and know what your real potential is.

Don’t delay! The future is now. Create yours with genuine style, sustainability and a view to your lifestyle and those who purchase from you.

SLR Concepts for Apartments, Townhouses and Units – simply the very best.

Focus on Lifestyle. Think outside the square. Strata Title Construction – Townhouses, Apartments and Units with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

For many of us, the family home is our major asset. Purchased when you first married, you’ve watched the suburb you chose to live in develop, flourish and prosper. Outdoor Cafés, well maintained parks and sports reserves, schools and popular shopping centres (with all manner of stores) – it’s a far cry from the days of unmade roads long distances to reach what was relative ‘civilisation’.

But now with the mortgage paid down or nearly complete, the kids grown up and having left home, you’ve become ‘empty nesters’ as the saying goes and it’s time to reassess your future. You’ve got a large block in a desirable Bayside or Eastern suburb. What seemed appealing as a young family is now quite the chore in maintenance – lawns gardens, the pool, painting – it’s a constant work load. And quite frankly you know the house is just way too big for just the two of you. What then is the solution?

Larger allotments in suitable suburbs that permit Strata Title development offer a significant opportunity on capitalisation of your current family home. It may come down to your vision for the future, but in many cases up to 6 townhouses or apartments can be built on larger older style blocks. Many council authorities have rezoned large municipal areas to permit strata title developments of this nature.

Renovation may simply not be feasible. The cost of doing so or the age and condition of the building may not warrant it. Demolition and the redevelopment of your property as a Strata Plan Townhouse or Apartment complex holds significant financial reward to you as owners.

Quite often as the property owner will retain one of the units as a city residence and facilitate the sale of the others enabling the opportunity to build a new home for retirement beachside or as a tree-change retreat. It could be as simple as doing a dual-occupancy renewal construction.

Why not discuss the possibilities with SLR Concepts Building and Construction? Call 03 5981 0661 now and leave your details to arrange a meeting with our Principal Builder. No Sales teams, no formula plans, just the chance to discuss the possibilities, the timing and possible returns.

Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. SLR Concepts will guide you through the planning and local government permits working with you and for you right through until lock-up stage. The SLR Concepts team are there for you every step of the journey until completion.

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Lifestyle with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

Over the last year, many people in Victoria, Melbourne in particular, have had the chance to re-assess their lifestyles and living situations. Through spending much more time at home, for some it has become obvious they’re looking for a lot more out of life, for themselves and their families.

There is a strong attraction to more natural settings. Areas like the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside Melbourne seem quite attractive to those seeking fresh air, relaxation and a more active lifestyle. Alternatively there are those that wish to opt for a more earthy option, a home amongst the trees, with a kitchen garden and a canopy of green.

SLR Concepts can open up these possibilities in a truly magnificent fashion. Today with online connectivity, modern transport links and an expending metropolis, a home by the sea, or in the Yarra Valley is a realistic proposition.

Open Space living, climate control, water reticulation, solar power with battery – it’s all possible.

Swimming Pool and Spa as well as sensational panoramic feature windows, sliding and bifold doors, decking and deluxe outdoor/indoor entertainment areas with outdoor kitchen and barbecue facilities. Modern data controlled living – appliances, lighting and media. It’s the art of the possible.

Exchange the hustle and bustle of the inner city, with its Trams, Trucks and the constant hum of traffic for a more liveable peaceful environment. Birds, the ocean, the wind in the trees, the kids outdoors playing in safety.

SLR Concepts can build your dream home to your specifications and requirements. From day one you are dealing directly with the builder, not a commission sales agent. It’s not about what you can’t have – it’s really about what you can have. With SLR Concepts it really is ‘the art of the possible’.

Call now on 03 5981 0661 and leave your details to arrange an obligation free consultation with our Principal Builder at your convenience. Alternatively leave your details here for a prompt reply.

SLR Concepts offer first class, prize winning Design and Construction. Recently the SLR team achieved first prize with the Housing Industry of Australia’s Renovation projects valued between $1.5 – $2.5 million in the Eastern Division of Victoria, going on to be an overall State Finalist.

It’s time to start really living – with a brand new home from SLR Concepts.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction ‘The Builders you can trust’