Develop your Property with Strata Plan Apartments, Units and Townhouses by SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

In many parts of Greater Melbourne, the older housing stock constructed during the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s is reaching its ‘use by’ date. Simple construction depending upon internal walls for structural strength, these properties are often quite small (3 bedrooms) on very large blocks.

With an ageing population, many of these properties are now finding their way onto the market. This can happen at the behest of the current owners who are downsizing or it can be families offering properties from deceased estates. The reality is these properties on larger blocks offer significant opportunities for Strata Title type investments for current or future owners.

In many municipalities, local government has rezoned vast swathes of the older suburbs to permit re-development of these older properties. For many potential new homeowners, they no longer require the traditional quarter-acre block, nor do they desire the maintenance and upkeep of large lawns and gardens. It’s simply not commensurate with modern employment and careers. Or more simply, the ageing population prefer a smaller townhouse or apartment as being more comfortable and secure for them, with relative ease of maintenance.

For owners of these older properties, there are as stated significant opportunities to capitalise on life’s most significant investment – the family home. In many cases, the mortgage has been paid off, the children have grown, moved out and started their own families. So it’s a great time as the owners to consider your options.


It may be that it is time to open up the older style home with more expansive living areas, the addition of a pool or decking, an outdoor entertaining area complementing expanded internal living space, new bathrooms, lighting, Solar system and data driven media and kitchen appliances. If your home is suitable for renovation, the renovation can be equity driven and cost effective.

Dual Occupancy

Modify and renovate your existing dwelling and add a new dwelling on the same block to sell off or rent. Alternatively ‘knock down’ the old dwelling and build two new dwellings with substantially more space than the older dwelling. Modern convenience and fit-out with open plan living.

Strata Title Developments

Demolish the original dwelling and construct Apartments, Townhouses or Units. When completed claim one as a ‘town dwelling’ then build your retirement home on the coast or in the trees. Sea-change or Tree-change. Rather than accept a relatively low return on your investment with a simple Sale, increase your return through investing in Strata Title Development.

To really explore your options further, schedule an appointment with one of our building team. That’s right, you speak with our Principle Builder not a commission Salesperson. The SLR team are experienced in all facets of building and construction and will make an informed assessment of what would be possible for your property.

Call 03 5981 0661 now and schedule an appointment at your convenience with SLR Concepts, or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply and a scheduled appointment as you require.

SLR Building and Construction have an enviable track record in the completion of many similar projects right throughout Eastern and South Eastern Melbourne. They’re the builders you can trust.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction, for the home you really want, now.

For those of us selecting a builder, the task can be somewhat daunting. Often it’s the endless round of weekend display home visits followed by round table discussions with Sales staff determining what features you can have and again what features you will pay extra for. New homes built by formula builders are more often located on new estates requiring an acceptance of the slow development of local amenities such as shopping centres, schools and transport.

There is a better way. It’s time to contact HIA prizewinning builder SLR Concepts. It’s time to savour the world of ‘what you can have’ as opposed to ‘what you can’t have’. It’s time to develop and design the home you’re looking for rather than adapting to the formula and seeking out what you can have with modular formulas offered by larger traditional building companies.

Design the home you desire with SLR Concepts in the location you choose. Work with SLR Concepts to find the location you desire. It could be that you find an older property in need of and suitable for renovation. Alternatively, it could be that the best option is to ‘knock down’ the older home and commence with a totally fresh build.

In areas of Melbourne such as Bayside, from Parkdale to Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula between Mornington and Portsea, in the outer Eastern Suburbs – Ringwood, Warrandyte, Templestowe and others near the Yarra River there are growing numbers of older properties becoming available with an ageing population. Add to this areas like Ivanhoe, Balwyn and Blackburn, and there is a good spread of superb locations available.

It may be that many of the ‘negotiables’ with formula Builders are simply ‘non-negotiable’ for you and your family. Open space living with merging indoor/outdoor living areas, Solar power with modern batteries offering ‘off the grid’ energy freedom, water saving and reticulation for toilets, pools and gardens, high ceilings, climate control, data systems, all of these are specifications for modern living and entirely possible now – with SLR Concepts.

Add to this large feature windows that utilise sliding or bifold doors, modern kitchens and dining areas, sumptuous spacious bathrooms, the master bedroom that becomes your sanctuary, outdoor kitchens and decking. With SLR Concepts, it’s the art of the possible. Stone feature walls, a suspended swimming pool with spacious decking? Yes.

Take the time to discuss your vision with our principal builder at a time and place convenient to you. Whether it’s on-site, at your current home or at our office, whatever works for you.

Call now on 03 5981 0661 and book a time, or if more convenient leave your details here [LINK ] for a prompt reply and scheduled appointment. Using an Architect? No problems. Simply arrange a conference with us and we can work out how best to proceed.

SLR Concepts will be with you through the whole process, from initial submissions to local government, right through until lock-up stage and beyond. SLR Concepts has an enviable record in building and constructing prize winning luxury homes and completing engaging and exciting renovation and restorations, including heritage listed homes.

SLR Concepts are the builders you can trust to complete your project on time and on budget.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction – Simply the very best.

SLR Concepts – Prize Winning Design and Construction

HIA Award winning Renovation Addition Construction project on Mornington Peninsula

With Summer in full swing, it’s long evenings by the pool, barbecues and soft sea breezes at the Holiday house. With time on your hands, it’s a great opportunity to plan for the future. With the kids now grown up, it’s the right time to renovate – with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

SLR Concepts have an excellent track record in executing complex building strategies. From humble beginnings, the SLR Concepts team take a property into new realms of space, light and comfort, from ordinary to luxury.

The SLR renovation project at St Andrew’s Beach on the Mornington Peninsula recently won its category with the HIA in its annual awards program. As well the project was listed as a finalist in the Renovation/Addition Project category – $1.5 million – $2.5 million.

In this case is was a matter of designing a new layout that merged 3 individual buildings into one spectacular dwelling. As can be seen from the photos here the SLR team did a fantastic job and the end result is a superbly livable dwelling featuring masterful ocean views.

The essential difference for the property owner with SLR Concepts is the access to the principal builder and the resultant ability to creatively adapt into a plausible workable building project with simply stunning outcomes.

Take the time to review your current property and access what it is you really desire. Open up the interiors and enjoy genuine open plan living. Assess the ongoing sustainability of your property. Develop complete indoor/outdoor living areas. Add modern climate control, lighting and large feature floor to ceiling windows with sliding and bifold doors. Add a pool, lap pool or spa – or all three! The possibilities are endless.

With modern building techniques and engineering, SLR Concepts can transform your older property into a bright comfortable ,spacious and eminently livable home.

Call now on 03 5981 0661 and set up an appointment to meet with our experienced building team (yes that’s right, you communicate directly with our principal builder, not paid commission agents.) or leave your details here for a prompt response.

The SLR team will be there with you from the submission of plans to Planning Departments of Local Government right through until lock up stage and beyond. For a home that is as individual as you are call SLR Concepts now – the builders you can trust.

SLR Concepts – Simply the very best.