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With the lifting of restrictions on the Construction Industry in Victoria due to the Covid 19 lockdown, the SLR Concepts team is now back in full swing, completing projects in St Kilda, Port Melbourne and Moorooduc, with new projects being prepared for commencement in other locations.

What is it about SLR Concepts that makes the SLR projects so different? What is it that beckons customers and clients to select the SLR Concepts team as their preferred builders? Let’s look at the key factors.

SLR Concepts are not formula builders. There is no cookie cutter action on any SLR projects. Each Construction is individual and tailored to the property owner’s explicit wishes, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

An SLR Concepts project is individually designed and completed to fulfil the vision of those who will occupy and utilise the building and property.

Space, light and functionality. The importance of livability is paramount to SLR Concepts, and its team.

The average building in Australia will stand unchanged for much of its lifetime for 40 – 50 years. Today with modern building techniques – Structural Steel, Pre-fabricated Trusses, load bearing concrete piers and floating concrete foundations it’s possible to construct open plan living spaces on a scale not considered possible in the 20th century.

Light is a major consideration in modern buildings. Panoramic floor to ceiling glass, sliding doors, bifold doors, shade devices – awnings, blinds and filtration glass all add to the dimension and space of your new home, apartment or work space – permitting natural light wherever possible.

Sustainability – living ‘off the grid’ is completely possible these days, with a full solar system and battery storage devices. Reticulated water saved from roofing, used for pools, gardens and WC’s (Toilets) further reduce living costs. Full data systems for climate control (heating and cooling), appliances and full housewide media systems – it’s the art of the possible and living now with convenience, comfort and superior design.

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Renovate, Refurbish and Recreate with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Spring — It’s the time of year when many people purchase a new home at Auction or Private Sale. The ideal is that your new home will be ready to live in and suit your family’s needs and requirements. But that is rarely the case. It’s time to call SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Why? SLR Concepts are experienced and skilled in redeveloping older homes with more space, light and a much better and more modern internal layout. Buying a home generally means you have decided to live in it for at least 5-10 years in most cases, and quite often for a much longer period.

So where do you start? Let’s consider what your options are and why it is the case. Most housing constructed in Melbourne pre 1990 is ‘formula build’. Internal walls are part of the structural integrity of the house. As a consequence, many rooms in such homes are small and box-like. Space is restricted, bathrooms and toilets are separate – or with only one WC in the home they should be! Air conditioning, central heating and insulation are often later additions that are less functional than current systems.

With modern engineering, pre manufactured roof trusses, specialised composite timber support beams with higher engineering ratings as well as structural steel framing, a whole new level of space and open plan living is now possible.

With larger suburban blocks in the majority of Melbourne’s older suburbs, fulsome extensions can add massively to the existing space currently available within your home.

Add to this the possibility of incorporating modern indoor/outdoor entertainment and kitchen/barbecue areas, a swimming pool, spa or a lap pool combined with large feature floor to ceiling windows, sliding doors or bifold doors and extendable and fully retractable awnings you are now creating something special – a new and exciting lifestyle.

Sustainable living with full Solar including batteries, water saving and reticulation, climate control and media applications through your home – you are now looking at genuine sustainable ‘green’ living.

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Choose the lifestyle you desire, the home for you and your family that will be a joy and a delight to live in. You can trust SLR Concepts to deliver on time, on budget. From initial planning permits through to final lock-up, SLR Concepts are there with you all the way.

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Holiday Retreat or Home by the Sea? Or maybe a spacious Apartment AND a Home by the Sea? It’s possible with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

It’s the time of year when most of us start thinking of annual Summer Holidays. For those living in Melbourne, it’s time to prepare for the annual pilgrimage to the Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island or the Surf Coast. Often families take up residence in their holiday homes from mid December through until February and return for Easter.

Let’s apply a little lateral thinking. For the purposes of this exercise we will consider a city residence in Metropolitan Melbourne, South East, Eastern or Bayside Melbourne.

There are all sorts of reasons people determine they desire a lifestyle change. With the lockdown restrictions many families began to understand the decided lack of space they currently endure. Others have decided they want a lifestyle that is closer to nature. A home amongst the trees, acreage or panoramic ocean views. And in some cases the family has grown up and is leaving home – leaving parents with large empty houses to maintain, with deteriorating infrastructures and high maintenance costs.

Here’s a novel solution. Many properties these days are suitable for Strata Plan Development and are ‘investment’ ready. Mortgages have been paid down and there is either complete or near total equity for the owners.

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? Consider this proposition. Your current home sits upon a very large suburban block, Bayside or in the outer eastern suburbs (Ringwood, Heatherdale, Croyden, Bayswater). Local zoning permits 6-10 Townhouses, Units or Apartments.

The home you’re living in was constructed some time between 1950 and 1980. It’s not suitable for renovation and is not covered by Heritage or covenant restrictions.

Demolish it and build the Townhouses, Apartments or Units. Sell all but one, your new ‘city’ residence. It will be spacious and airy compared to your current dwelling, you just won’t have massive lawns and garden to maintain. Comfort, security, light and space.

With the money you will have generated in building and selling the townhouses, apartments or units, invest in developing a new home in your preferred beachside or forest location. Or if you have and existing Holiday home, renovate it if sensible, or knock down and build a beautiful modern and sustainable ‘forever home’. It will give you the best of both worlds and ensure you can achieve the lifestyle and the future you desire.

Want to know more? It’s time to call SLR Concepts Building and Construction and book an appointment to discuss the possibilities. Call 03 5981 0661 and schedule a time suitable to you for a face to face meeting with our principal builder – yes that’s right you consult with our builder, not a commission salesperson. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

SLR Concepts will provide full assistance from day one, being there every step of the way with you from planning permits through to final lock-up.

Choose the lifestyle you desire and with SLR Concepts, make it happen. Whether it’s a better life for your children by the ocean with fresh air and open space, or it’s the retirement home you’ve so long dreamed of turn that dream into reality with SLR Concepts.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction. “They’re simply the very best”

Building your New Home? Luxury, Comfort and Design with SLR Concepts.

With finance and Government grants available it’s certainly a good time to consider building a brand new home. For many it’s the right time to plan for the future. A future for your family, a future that offers lifestyle, space and financial freedom.

With solar systems these days it’s possible to live substantially ‘off the grid’. Solar batteries are becoming affordable. Add to this modern water reticulation systems, climate control and data driven appliances and media. A truly sustainable home is genuinely possible.

But rather than visiting display homes with the major ‘formula’ builders, it’s time to arrange a consultation with SLR Concepts, Building and Construction. Start with a clean slate. Find the property, the land on which you wish to build or allow SLR Concepts to assist you. Rather than be charged ‘overs’ for ‘extras’ with the majors, plan for the home you desire from the beginning. Your input, your vision.

Prioritise what you desire and develop the floor plan to take real advantage of your location. Indoor/outdoor entertainment areas. Panoramic views with feature windows, bifold doors or sliding doors, floor to ceiling, opening out onto your decking and outdoor kitchen barbecue area. Retractable awnings, swimming pool, lap pool and spas – as well as space for your children to grow up, to play.

Internally it’s again space, light and room to move. Beautiful modern bathrooms, superb functional kitchens and living areas. Private bedrooms with ensuite. It really is the art of the possible.

Don’t delay, call now on 03 5981 0661 and confirm an on-site consultation or simply a face to face meeting with our principal builder. You can leave your details here for a prompt response.

SLR Concepts are there with you from planning permits through to final lockdown. Take the opportunity to plan and strategise for what you really desire. Beachside or amongst the trees, the only limit is your imagination.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction. Simply the very best.