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Finally, we are but a week or so away from the removal of lockdown restrictions in Victoria. With Christmas and the New Year Holidays looming, many people will be planning for their annual break. As well the Real Estate Industry will now have geared up for their busiest time of the year. Inspections are on!

It’s a great time to consider purchasing a holiday home, or for many people it is now really the right time to start looking for that home that provides real lifestyle choices and advantages. Lockdown for many has highlighted the deficiencies of their current location and lifestyle decisions they had made previously.

The options are numerous. Purchase an older property or land parcel on the Mornington Peninsula, or Bayside. Do a ‘knock down’ and a rebuild to synchronise with your view of the future. Select a location in proximity to the beach, with bush and forest aspects. Alternatively select a property in the Outer East of Melbourne whereby you achieve a large block to develop. Build the home you’ve always dreamed of with space to spare and forested views.

For some, it’s time to consider the next phase of their lives in that they must prepare for retirement. With their current homes free of debt and a mortgage, located in desirable areas and with large suburban blocks suitable for strata development or Dual Occupancy now is the right time to capitalise on the family’s primary investment – their home.

By developing Townhouses, Apartments or Units or a Strata Title, such homeowners can enjoy a financial boon a well as the added benefit of maintaining a downsized home in their current location.

At the same time, with proper planning they can develop and build their new dream home, either beachside or in the trees. Treechange or Seachange, why not enjoy the very best on offer.

It’s time to contact SLR Concepts Building and Construction. SLR Concepts have a proven track record in both Strata Developments (Townhouses, Apartments and Luxury Units). As well the SLR Concepts team are renowned for the design and construction of luxury beachside homes as well as wonderful tree lined retreats in the Eastern Suburbs.

It’s time to start living. Start with real space, natural light and full climate control. Add large feature windows, floor to ceiling sliding or bifold doors, indoor outdoor entertainment areas with retractable shade awnings that extend out over your barbecue area and outdoor kitchen, full entertainment modules with theatre style screens, sound systems and voice command on appliances, heating and cooling. Pools, spas and lap pools – all with a full water reticulation system. Full solar with battery – you are off the grid!

Want to find out more? Call now on 03 5981 0661 and arrange for a free consultation or site visit with our principal builder. Yes, that’s right, with SLR Concepts you get to confer with our builder, not a paid commission Sales agent. Don’t delay! Call now on 03 5981 0661 or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

You can trust SLR Concepts, they’re simply the very best.

Turn your dreams into reality with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Time to look to the Future. Build with SLR Concepts. Innovative and Creative with genuine Comfort.

Whether you are looking to build your forever dream home, capitalise on your investment property with a clever strata plan development or simply renovate and modernise your current home, you simply must consult with SLR Concepts and ensure you achieve the very best of outcomes, a stunning result.

SLR Concepts offer a range of building and construction options. For those living within the inner city, it’s the option of expanding your living space, adding an extension with real structural integrity and creating real space for living, a place to delight in.

If you’re looking to develop your property with apartments, townhouses or units, now is the right time to contact SLR Concepts. From demolition, planning permits, through to lockup, SLR Concepts step it through with you from start to finish – get the return you deserve, the future you hope for with SLR Concepts.

Seachange or Treechange Build the home that completes your vision for the future. Space, functionality and economy, a sustainable building that takes advantage of Solar systems, climate control, water recycling, data management systems. Large feature glass in either windows, sliding or bi-fold doors, swimming pools, lap pools, spas and outdoor entertainment areas that merge with indoor space and comfort. Modern living at its finest.

A formula home from the big project builders won’t offer you this. Whether you decide on an architect designed property or rely upon the Design services of SLR Concepts you are guaranteed to achieve the build and ultimately the home you desire with SLR Concepts. It’s not a formula concept you’re sold, it’s the consummation of your ideas of your lifestyle choices and of clever modern engineering from SLR. Space, comfort, lifestyle – you deserve it.

Take the time to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with our builder from SLR. Yes that’s right, you get to speak to our principal builder, not commission salespeople – someone with genuine experience and a verifiable track record in the construction of homes and projects similar to yours.

Call now and arrange a virtual meeting or if restrictions permit, an onsite meeting to discuss your vision, your aspirations and what is possible with SLR Builders. All SLR Concepts Building and Construction begin and finish on schedule, on budget. Don’t delay. Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply.

You can trust SLR Concepts – they’re simply the very best in building and construction.

Luxury, Design and Quality.

Build with SLR Concepts. Expand your expectations. It’s the Art of the Possible.

Looking to build your new home? But you want more than just a simple formula build from one of the major residential builders? Looking for comfort, space and lifestyle? It’s time to contact SLR Concepts Building and Construction. Modern engineering combined with planned sustainability – a home designed for today and the lifestyle you desire – Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661.

Whether it’s a major renovation to create more space, add a pool and spa, outdoor/indoor living areas and a major degree of self-sufficiency, or a totally new home that incorporates a full solar system, water saving, underground parking and a complete entertainment package – SLR Concepts delivers.

Recently, the SLR team completed two constructions at St Andrew’s Beach on the Mornington Peninsula. The first was a totally new home which features a suspended swimming pool on the front decking. The pool was lifted into place by mobile cranes.

A little further down the same road, the team completed a total makeover on an older holiday home, increasing its space and updating its livability. And again another spa and pool system were lifted into place by mobile crane at this location. In both cases, the properties were hillside and the foundations required concrete piers to support the pools.

In Rye a magnificent home was constructed on the side of a sand covered hill. Deep piles were sunk to support the building enabling an entirely different build potential, resulting in panoramic bayside views and a spacious light filled magnificent home. (Steel retaining panels were installed at 5 m in height with 2m above ground, the rest (3m) anchored below.)

So rather than forget your vision, your dream, here’s the chance to discuss the ‘art of the possible’ with your builder – SLR Concepts. Innovative, creative, with a can-do attitude. Your dream home, whether it’s via a chosen architect or the Design services of SLR Concepts, will take shape effortlessly. From the planning stage to Local Government permits, then through until lockup, SLR Concepts are with you all the way. On time, on budget.

Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here to arrange an obligation free consultation with our Builders – virtual or on-site, as per current permissions. Remember, you’re not meeting with a Salesman or woman looking for a commission, your meeting with a skilled and experienced builder equipped to develop your ideas and create the home you dream of. The art of the possible.

Call now on 03 5981 0661. SLR Concepts Building and Construction – they’re simply the very best.

Build the house you want – not the one you’re ‘sold’. Lifestyle with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

So after visiting all the display homes and considering your options based on budget, size and location, you’ve seemingly missed the mark. Yes, nice big properties – well the houses at least, but the yards are too small and they seem to be packed so close together…

Time to talk to SLR Concepts and access the real possibilities. Why not consider a large block (on acreage), perhaps a little further out, but close to schools, shopping precincts and public transport? Right now the SLR team are completing a boutique property in Moorooduc, just to the south of Mt Eliza. Think of the lifestyle benefits – a large vegetable garden, ponies, clean air and close to beaches and nature reserves. With a home built sustainably for the future

Commuting isn’t that different to living beachside from Frankston to Mordialloc. Once the time saved via the Peninsula Freeway and EastLink or the Dingley Bypass are factored in, the daily travel becomes a reasonable proposition.

You can opt for a natural look with Mt Martha Stone accented by charcoal timber cladding. It’s really a preference thing – your preference. You may prefer open feature windows or bifold doors.

With solar power you can assure all year round climate control and by opting for water saving and reticulation you get to choose a lifestyle that suits you with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Whether it’s a new build, a renovation, alteration or major extension, now is the right time to call SLR Concepts on 03 5981 0661 for a free consultation on what is possible.

But rather than have a commission Sales agent tell you what you can’t have, talk to the Builders at SLR Concepts and discover the art of the possible, yes that’s right, you get to talk directly to the builder. You may find that for pretty much the same financial commitment you’ll end up with the home and location you desire, a place you’ll love, a place for living.

Don’t delay. Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Make a time for an onsite or a virtual consultation, depending upon your location and current restrictions.

SLR Concepts – delivering the home you’ve dreamed about – on time, on budget, with every detail taken care of from planning permits through to Lock-up.

Live your dreams. Build for the future, your future and your family’s future with SLR Concepts – they’re simply the very best.

Renovations? Extensions? Rebuilds? Call SLR Building and Construction. Design Excellence, Quality and Lifestyle.

With the lifting of most of the lockdown restrictions on building and construction, it’s full steam ahead for SLR Concepts and its current projects – Blessington St Apartments, the Port Melbourne property extension and the new home in Moorooduc, with more to come.

With better weather and the removal of the curfew and other restrictions we can now spend far more time outdoors. If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s how much we place a premium on space and movement in our homes. Older homes built in the last millennium tend to feature smaller rooms, boxy bathrooms and no real indoor/outdoor links.

But – they are built on superb large blocks offering plenty of space. Space to extend, to re-develop, to create a modern comfortable living area that offers entertainment, relaxation and purpose.

For many people the initial mortgage is almost or is completely paid out. This means you have significant equity with which to develop the next stage of your home.

Think about it – the kids have completed their schooling. Perhaps they’ve already moved out to their own homes.

Firstly, why not create some comfort, some luxury in your home? Modern kitchens and living areas. Enlarge your bathrooms or bedrooms. Add decking, a pool or outdoor entertainment area with full barbecue/kitchen facilities? Open plan living, modern appliances, media systems and fully sustainable systems – Solar Energy and Water reticulation for pools, gardens and WC’s.

If you plan on selling your property, it’s worth considering that this could well become a buyer market. As such younger families will be looking to buy a home that is ‘ready to move into’, as opposed to a ‘renovators delight’. To achieve the true value of your property it pays to update it, modernise and make the best possible use of space.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction will design and complete the extensions, the renovations and the complete package that provides you as a homeowner with a luxurious liveable space that complements both your lifestyle and your budget.

There are a range of options available – from dual-occupancy, knockdowns and rebuilds to comfortable extensions and renovations that open up your home providing new natural light, space and comfort.

Want to know more? Call us now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here to arrange an obligation free consultation with our building team. Yes, that’s right, you speak directly with the actual builder, not a commissioned salesperson. Arrange a site visit (where permitted) or a virtual meeting via Skype, Zoom, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Find out just how to create the future home that suits your lifestyle ad your family’s needs now. On time, on budget, with every detail taken care of from initial planning permit through to Lock-up stage.

You can trust SLR Concepts – They’re simply the very best.

Design, Luxury, Comfort.