It’s Springtime – Time to buy. Time to build.

Traditionally, September through until November is the selling season for Real Estate in Victoria. Better weather, spring growth and florals. It’s great for inspections and auctions. It’s also the perfect time to commence your building project. Longer days with more sunshine – it’s perfect. This year is just a little bit different. But it looks like we may be on schedule for ‘early release’ from the more onerous elements of the Covid 19 Lockdown.

This year there will be a flood of properties likely up for sale. It should be a buyers’ market. In Bayside areas and on the Mornington Peninsula there is likely to be a surfeit of properties for sale.

If you’re looking for your dream home, your forever home, it will be an opportune time to build it from ‘scratch’. No need to settle for second best – buy well – perhaps an older 3 bedroom weatherboard or brick veneer, knock it down and then take command of the superior block size in older areas from South Frankston to Parkdale, or in former holiday home locations from Mornington to Tootgarook, Hastings to Flinders.

Choose wisely. Without too much trouble you can be situated with 10 minutes of the beach. With good shopping amenities, schools and facilities, it really is a no-brainer. 60-120 squares of comfort. luxury and sustainable living compared to a boxy 3 bedroom ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s formula build, with limited potential for any renovation.

The same principles apply in Melbourne’s outer Eastern Suburbs. With proximity to the Yarra Valley and the Dandenong Ranges, the east offers similar fantastic opportunities for those desiring to build their ‘dream’ home.

Think about it. Modern spacious and well-lit with splendid natural light. Solar power and storage can virtually put you ‘off the grid’ and free up your energy bills. Climate Control, Water reticulation for pools, spas and WCs. Data control of media applications, appliances, sliding or bifold doors; panoramic feature windows, indoor outdoor living and entertainment areas. Modern internal kitchens with breakfast bars and fully operational outdoor kitchen and barbecues – with a kitchen garden for herbs and greens. Big spacious bathrooms fully tiled, floor to ceiling glass, modern ceramics and fittings. Car stacker? No problem, why not? Why not bring the future – your future – into the now for you and your children? Or just for you in those later years after retirement.

It’s your choice, but to make it a reality you require a competent builder with agility and flexibility, not weighed down by formula plans that allow for few modifications.

SLR Concepts are the Builders you’ve been searching for. From initial submission of Local Government permits through to Lock-up stage and beyond, the SLR team are with you every step of the journey. No shortcuts, no deviations. On time, on budget.

Call SLR Concepts Building and Construction now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Arrange for a consultation with our builders on what is possible. At SLR Concepts it is indeed the ‘Art of the possible’ and the team have the track record in Domestic, Commercial and Strata Plan building to back it up.

That’s right, you get to meet with the actual builder/s, not a commission based salesperson, so the result is no hidden hurdles, no unforeseen issues, and no undisclosed costs.

Call now and book a consultation, virtual or actual on 03 5981 0661 (depending on location and restrictions). Get started now with SLR Concepts and next year you’ll be living it large, and comfortably in your brand new home by SLR Concepts.

You can trust SLR Concepts – they’re simply the very best.

Modern Builders, Modern Living – Love it.

Lifestyle, Location and Living. Build with SLR Concepts. The Future is Now.

After spending so much time at home, often with young families, many people looking to build are genuinely considering lifestyle and location in a different light. Not only that, there is a strong desire to ensure space, light and access to amenities. Being beachside or in a green location seems so much more attractive now for both the homeowners and their children.

In Sydney, the Government has decreed that in new estates each yard must have an 8m tree in the rear yard and a 6m tree in the front yard. Over 20 years the plan envisages a major tree canopy to cover most of south-west and south-east Sydney.

That’s fine if you wish to wait 20 years and live in Sydney, however for many of us, we want that canopy now. South East Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula offer this option now if you select your property carefully.

The same is true of Eastern and Inner Eastern Melbourne – areas such as Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Balwyn and Templestowe, as well as Ringwood, Mitcham and Blackburn.

Access to beachside living is now very desirable and very possible. In older areas such as Seaford, Edithvale and Bon Beach, the housing stock has often frequently reached its ‘use by’ date. Weatherboard or Brick Veneer – 3 bedroom, one bathroom, on large blocks. It’s the perfect formula for a rebuild. Demolish the older dwelling and build the home you desire.

Use the space wisely and you can build a magnificent family home. Not a formula build but rather a custom designed home that suits you and your family’s needs. Room to move with access to parklands, beaches and sporting facilities. Schools, shopping and transport – via car and the new Peninsula Bypass / Eastlink roadways, or via fast rail links.

The major consideration is your new home. SLR Concepts will create an open spacious home filled with natural light. It will be a sustainable home with solar power, battery storage, water reticulation and data connections. Open plan kitchens and living areas that merge with outdoor entertainment areas, pools, spas and yard space for children.

Talk to SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Schedule an appointment (virtual or face to face) with our builders to discuss your requirements. (Dependent on current restrictions)

SLR Concepts Building and Construction will work with you from the submission of the planning permits through to lock Lock-up stage providing a stress free pathway to your new home being built and completed – on time, on budget, on schedule.

With an enviable track record on all types of building projects – Luxury homes, apartments, dual occupancy, renovations and restorations SLR Concepts are the right choice in selecting your builder.

SLR Concepts – Simply the best.

It’s time to change. Build for your future – with SLR Concepts

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With the end of restriction 4 potentially looming at the end of September, there is a marked movement of people looking to change their current lifestyle and living situations. Whether it’s a move to a semi-rural retreat in outer Melbourne or beachside on the Mornington Peninsula, many people are seeking a different lifestyle. “Treechange” or “Seachange” – it’s about real quality of life.

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Now is the time to refresh and renew with Spring now well upon us. Travel times with the newer freeways to the Peninsula and to the outer East via Eastlink offer greater freedom to those willing to commute distances for work and home. Whether it’s the cool green amongst the riverside gum trees or the gentle sound of the ocean – for families it’s definitely more attractive than the sound of trucks, trams and trains. Why not do it in real comfort and build with SLR Concepts?

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Property values are relatively stable, so whether you decide to embark upon a completely new build or take an existing property and renovate and restyle it to suit your purposes, it makes sense to do so now.

modern interior design

SLR Concepts Building and Construction are innovative and clever builders. They are open to custom designing the home you desire or working with your selected Architect.

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Take a different approach to building. Start with what you want. What are your non-negotiables? Solar power with battery storage? Full water reticulation, open spacious living areas, media and appliance data connections, climate control, panoramic views. It’s all possible. When it’s not a formula build these items are not merely ‘concessions’ granted to a ‘demanding’ homeowner. These are standard requirements comfortably included as essentials by the team from SLR Concepts. This will be a home for living, a home to revel in and to enjoy.

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Modern Engineering, structural integrity that doesn’t rely on internal walls, superior foundations and modular components deliver light, space and real comfort.

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Powerlines and streets full of parked cars or a smooth uninterrupted view of the ocean? The sound of Kookaburras in the morning or the waste management truck doing its rounds? Which would you prefer? Kids riding their bikes to school every day or being ferried to and from school for their primary safety? It’s a choice worth considering.

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Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 for a free no-obligation consultation. Start the process and build the home you really desire.

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At SLR, you’ll be talking directly to the builder. No pushy salesperson, no wasted expenses on commissions, no blockages or ‘can’t do’s’. The SLR Concepts method is ‘The Art of the Possible’.

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Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt response. Take the time to meet with (or virtually meet with) the SLR team and start planning your dream home now. Life is for living and with an SLR Concepts build you get to experience the very best of it. You deserve it.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction, simply the very best.

Plan now for your new home, renovation, extension or restoration with SLR Concepts.

With Lockdown restrictions likely to be eased by mid-September, it’s the right time to be preparing for your next phase in construction – whether it’s a full build, an extension, renovation or restoration. And the right people to talk to are SLR Concepts Building and Construction. The SLR Concepts team can take you from now to your future home, or investment property.

It takes planning, expertise and attention to detail. SLR Concepts are with you all the way – from applying for Local Government permits for demolition, building and extensions, right through to ‘Lock-Up’ stage. SLR Concepts takes the hassle out of building with accurate timely action.

The SLR team are competent in all forms of building and construction. Whether it’s a ‘knock-down’ then a strata-title development, or an ocean-side luxury home, the SLR Concepts team have an enviable track record of successful projects right throughout Eastern, South-Eastern and Bayside Melbourne, as well as on the Mornington Peninsula. (The team also have experience in Commercial developments in shopping centres or similar)

At SLR, you the client speak with and consult directly with the actual builder/s. Rather than a formula Sales meeting with a Sales professional, you are negotiating and working directly with the actual builder. This provides a further degree of compliance and accuracy and ultimately ‘peace of mind’.

Building and Construction is a staged process. Throughout the process you will be kept updated and informed. Site visits are arranged to view progress and the whole building process runs to a pre-determined schedule. Variations (changes) are documented and fully explained where actioned upon request or due to necessity.

Ultimately what you’re looking for is a stress free process that has you the home-builder happily ensconced in your dream home enjoying the very best in modern living – light, space and comfort – on schedule, on time and on budget.

Sounds sensible and attractive? The why not call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 and arrange a free consultation on your requirements. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply. You can arrange a virtual meeting via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom if you prefer.

The SLR team are continuing to build during the current lockdown and are able to do so, abiding by current site regulations. This is assisted with modern engineering and construction methodologies saving time and creating real space with a minimum of fuss.

Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 for a free consultation now.