Building a home as individual as you are with SLR Concepts

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The decision has been made, you’ve decided to build a new home. Here’s the conundrum – how can you ensure it really is your dream home as you desire? Is there a way to create the home you really wish to? Not just an optioned ‘formula build’ but a genuine original design that incorporates the lifestyle and features you desire as well as the level of sustainability that will see you through the next few decades? The answer is yes! It’s time to contact SLR Concepts Building and Construction and move into your future.


For SLR Concepts, building is the art of the possible. When clients express their desire for space, for the freedom to enjoy a full suite of indoor/outdoor living features, it’s a ‘yes we can’ response.

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With clever engagement of modern engineering and a clear vision of what is desired from day one of construction, time after time SLR Concepts delivers stunning results. Outdoor kitchens, full length balconies with expandable and retractable awnings, swimming pools, lap pools and spas, off the grid solar with battery storage. Data driven climate control, voice command on sliding glass doors and windows, a fully wifi media system with large screen and speakers in every room – all voice activated, natural lighting and superb outdoor and indoor lighting, water reticulation for pools spas and toilets – the list goes on. But it all comes back to space – space to move, to relax – real freedom of movement.

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For all of this you need a builder with a sense of design. A builder that can follow plans and architectural drawings when required, a builder you can confidently communicate your desires and your vision to and be confident what will be produced. A home that is as individual as you are, a home you can be truly proud of.

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It may be you are seeking to build on the Mornington Peninsula or bayside in the South or South East of Melbourne. Or it could be the Yarra Valley in outer Eastern Melbourne. Perhaps it’s in inner Melbourne – Port Melbourne, Middle Park or Brighton.

Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 to arrange a consultation with our expert team of builders. Or leave your enquiry here for a prompt reply. A virtual meeting can be arranged via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom. Alternatively a site meeting can be scheduled for mid September. Remember – you will be speaking directly with a builder – not a salesman.

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Don’t delay, now is the time to take advantage of both Government grants and the relatively stable real estate market we are experiencing in Victoria.

Choose SLR Concepts Building and Construction for your new home and realise your dreams.

SLR Concepts – Simply the very best.

Build for the Future now with SLR Concepts

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As Lockdown continues so does building and construction (as per the current regulations), with SLR Concepts. For those with a significant equity in their properties now is a very good time to plan for or commence renovations and extensions. Property sales in Greater Melbourne are still maintaining solid levels with no significant falls in property values in the more sought after locations.

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Looking forward it’s likely there will be some excellent opportunities to purchase property in the next 12–24 months. This means there will also be some very good opportunities to develop older properties for different usage such as Strata title developmentsApartments, Townhouses and Units.

The Lockdown has demonstrated to many homeowners that the time has come to re-assess their current homes and living spaces. More than ever people are looking for space, natural light and to be well served with amenities. Property equity provides a great lever for finance availability to extend and renovate. With Government incentives still on offer, it’s the right time to do it.

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Experience the very best in Modern Living with SLR Concepts Building and Construction. Modern building and engineering methodologies enable SLR Concepts to maximise the use of space and to take advantage of natural light and position. Structural steel, roof trusses and well-engineered foundations, anchored slabs and deep piers enable far more open construction than that available in formula builds dependent upon internal wall support.

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Whether you’re looking to expand, to extend and renovate, to build your ‘forever’ dream home by the sea or to develop your property into an apartment or townhouse complex style investment, SLR Concepts are the right people to talk to.

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From preparing the planning permits right through to until lockdown, SLR Concepts Building and Construction is there with you all the way. Utilising a proficient builder with a verifiable track record ensures that during the process you enjoy genuine peace of mind with a properly costed project completed on time and on budget.

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Modern Construction means Solar Energy, Data Systems, expansive feature glass windows and bifold doors, extensive entertainment areas and year round climate control. Step into the now, the future is here – with SLR Concepts.

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If you’d like to know more please call 03 5981 0661 and book an appointment with our team. At SLR Concepts you will get to discuss your project or potential project with an actual builder – not a salesman. You can arrange a virtual meeting via Zoom, Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp. Alternatively, if appropriate a site meeting can be arranged.

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Take control of your future. Call SLR Concepts Building and Construction now on 03 5981 0661.

The Builders you can trust.

SLR Concepts – they’re simply the very best.

Time to think? Time to plan – Time to build for the future.

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Real Estate Agents often used to talk about the ‘Golden Doughnut’ surrounding Melbourne’s CBD. Originally it extended out for 15km now it’s more like 20km. Properties within the ‘Doughnut’ were considered extremely desirable and this was reflected in the exceptional increases in property values on locations like Port Melbourne, Clifton Hill and Yarraville.

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People looking to buy into these areas (within a 20km radius of the CBD) were either prepared to renovate and rejuvenate, or simply wanted to buy a ready for occupancy, fully renovated and restored property.

Areas like Albert Park, Port Melbourne, Garden City, West St Kilda and a few other Bayside locations are still now highly sought after.

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One of the biggest opportunities for development is the former ‘Garden City’ estate in Port Melbourne. Houses are large, either single or duplex and located on sizeable blocks. Transport is great with buses and trams to the CBD offering a 15 minute transit to the centre of the city. Excellent schools and amenities are on offer.

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Most of the housing stock was established in the late 1940s through to the 1960s. The estate was designed to provide a dormitory suburb for the workers from the many industries in Port Melbourne at the time – GMH, Kraft, the Commonwealth Aircraft factory and many more. There were oil storage depots and docklands, It was a fairly rugged suburb in a social sense and stayed that way for several generations.

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Not now! Garden City abuts Beacon Cove and the gentrification has accelerated as the old extractive dirty industries, the car manufacturers and the oil storage dumps have been moved elsewhere. It is now an extremely desirable location just a short distance to the city, the beach and Port Phillip Bay. Developing a property there is a lucrative and very sensible investment with properties appearing on the market being quickly snapped up by eager buyers.

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This week SLR Concepts Building and Construction commenced a major renovation project on an existing home in the area. A two storey property with a typical 1950s façade, the home will now undergo a clever modern renovation by the SLR team.

Whether it’s a standard ‘50s style property or a heritage listed home in Albert Park, Middle Park or West St Kilda, call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 to extend and modernise your property. Enjoy open plan living with today’s accompaniments – climate control, indoor/outdoor entertainment, data centre for media, refrigeration, air-conditioning, modern bathrooms, generous kitchens with breakfast bars, bifold doors, outdoor barbecue and entertainment areas. It’s the art of the possible.

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Call now on 03 5981 0661 to book an appointment – actual or virtual. Zoom, Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp – it’s your choice. Talk to the builder (not a salesman). SLR Concepts Building and Construction have an enviable track record in completing many such projects right across Melbourne.

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You can trust SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

SLR Concepts – Simply the very best.

SLR Concepts – Still ‘on the job’, working within the rules.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction is continuing to build and develop new projects in Bayside Melbourne. Working within the guidelines provided by the Victorian State Government to the Construction industry, we are commencing a new large renovation in Port Melbourne as well as continuing with our Apartment complex being constructed in St Kilda.

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Several other projects are also ready to go. Right now there is a real opportunity to plan your future and schedule a renovation, a rebuild or a complete strata title build – Units, Townhouses or Apartments. With 6 weeks of time available, now is a great time to prepare permits, submit them and ensure all relevant planning and paperwork.

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SLR Concepts utilise modern construction methodologies and clever engineering. This ensures minimal labour is required and often facilitates a greater use of space providing open plan living and superior natural light.

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Sitting at home, now is the time to look around and consider your living situation. For many people who have either paid off their home (mortgage) or hold major equity in their property, a major renovation can often be comfortably achieved.

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Older properties can be claustrophobic with narrow passageways and smaller rooms. Window are standard, lighting basic. Imagine opening up your living areas to provide real space. Open space living with living area adjoining a dining and living room into one large open space, larger bathrooms, perhaps a second storey addition. It is ‘the art of the possible’.

Renovations of this type will add significant value to your property. If you are looking to sell and move into retirement or simply adopt a seachange in your lifestyle, having a home that is renovated and complete, ready for a family to move into with all modern living requirements is a definite bonus. Your Real Estate Agent will simply love you. Alternatively, you can stay and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and thoroughly deserve.

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Want to know more? Call SLR Concepts Building and Construction now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt response to your enquiry. Talk to the builders, not a Sales team. Get a realistic appraisal and sound advice from SLR Concepts. With a verifiable track record in a wide range of projects, SLR Concepts is the right team to contact.

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Arrange a site meeting – or if not feasible in present conditions arrange a Zoom, Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp call.

Call SLR Concepts now – they’re simply the very best.