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10 St Andrews Beach 65 Paradise Dr028 (2)

Paradise Drive, St Andrew’s Beach

As Victorians, particularly Melburnians adjust to life at home, it provides the opportunity to consider what the future holds. For many the dream is a life by the ocean, or perhaps a treechange. Why not investigate further and start to consider the art of the possible.

SLR Concepts has real experience in building beautiful coastal homes. Along the Mornington Peninsula and following the coast back to Melbourne, the SLR team have constructed luxury homes, spacious apartments, townhouses and dual occupancy properties.

Right now property values are at their zenith. Your home is a valuable asset, especially if you are considering to build elsewhere. It’s really worth discovering just what you could afford when building elsewhere. Land value outside of the metropolitan area can see far more capital applied to the actual build – and ultimately your comfort and enjoyment of your new home.

05a 2 Valley Drive Rye - 001

Valley Drive, Rye

Featured this week are 3 properties recently constructed by SLR Concepts:

  • Paradise Drive, St Andrew’s Beach
  • Valley Drive, Rye
  • Johanson’s Road, Warrandyte

Take a look at each and imagine you’ve made the decision, you’ve opted for lifestyle, for comfort, for sheer enjoyment.

Breathtaking panoramic views with large feature windows and bifold doors. Open plan living with indoor/outdoor exchange. Climate control regulating summer heat and winter chill to a comfortable 21-24º – your choice. Data systems enabling voice control on heating and cooling, media and much more. A huge outdoor kitchen barbecue area with space to entertain. Swimming pool, lap pool, spa, solar system and water reticulation – the list goes on. Ultimately it comes down to the comfort of you and your family. Spacious bathrooms, large luxurious bedrooms. Room to move, to relax – it’s yours for the asking.

05b 2 Valley Drive Rye - 002

Valley Drive, Rye

The smart thing to do is speak to a competent builder with an excellent track record in such constructions. At SLR Concepts that’s exactly what you can do – speak with the builder, not a salesman, the actual builder. Explore your options, discuss your needs, your desires – it’s the art of the possible.

32-34 Johansons Road - 004

Johanson’s Road, Warrandyte

Call SLR Concepts Building and Construction now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Set up a site meeting or meet virtually by Skype, Zoom, Messenger or WhatsApp at your convenience.

Start the process, realise your dream, secure your future home. From permits through to lock-up you can trust SLR Concepts

Quite simply – they’re the very best.

New Apartment Block in Blessington St now well underway with SLR Concepts

000 20 Blessington St St Kilda - Building facade - Render

SLR Concepts Building and Construction Construction are erecting a new apartment building in St Kilda on Blessington St. The project is progressing well, so we thought we’d give you a rundown to the current stage – completion of the foundations, major piles, the car-stacker pit and all services such as sewerage, water, electricity and drainage.

000 20 Blessington St St Kilda - Foyer View 03 - Render

Last week the deep piles extending into the subsoil were fixed and the concrete poured. The entire building relies on these piles (or piers) for its structural integrity. Block walls and further concrete foundations have been completed this week.

000 20 Blessington St St Kilda - Kitchen 05 - Render

It’s a difficult site – Blessington St is a narrow street. To ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians, SLR Concepts provide traffic controllers on the street whilst the concrete is pumped from the ready-mix trucks right across the site.

Construction underway, week one

Stay Tuned for more progress reports.

For homeowners or those wishing to develop a site nearby in the Port Phillip region –Middle Park Albert Park Port Melbourne or South Melbourne; perhaps Brighton, Sandringham, Black Rock or Parkdale – areas within Kingston Council’s area, or those with properties in both Glen Eira or Stonnington Council areas, Call SLR Concepts on 03 5981 0661 to arrange a free no obligation consultation on all aspects of your proposed building project.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction are experienced in all aspects of Building and Construction – From Strata Title developments such as Apartments, Town House developments to Unit Complexes and Commercial premises.

Blessington St construction, week two

As well the SLR Concepts team build superb luxury homes right through  South East and Eastern Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula.

Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 and arrange an appointment to discuss your project. Alternatively leave your details here for a prompt reply. Meet on site or arrange a virtual meeting via Zoom, Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp.

St Kilda apartment building construction, week 3

SLR Concepts Building and Construction have an excellent track record in high level projects right across Melbourne. Trusted, competent, creative – you can be confident that the project will be finished on time and on budget.

SLR Concepts – they’re simply the very best.

Here’s the opportunity to strategise your future – Building with SLR Concepts

01 3 Irving Box Hill - 007.jpg

With 6 weeks of relative calm available to the population, it’s a great opportunity to take the time to plan for your future. For many people now reaching the end of their mortgage payments or already enjoying their homes being fully paid up, there is the opportunity to consider their options for the future.

02 3 Irving Box Hill - 006

This could mean preparing their home for the next stage, for the next twenty years – through renovations and modernisation. Many older homes are suitable for extensions and opening up of internal spaces. It could be the addition of another storey, a mezzanine or the addition of a new open indoor/outdoor living space. Swimming pools, spas, saunas – why not move towards comfort. A full indoor/outdoor entertainment area with outdoor kitchen – barbecue, kitchen garden and generous seating. Extendable shade awnings, bifold doors. Why not aim at a little luxury, some real comfort.

03 3 Irving Box Hill - 004.jpg

Alternatively, your home may well be reaching its use by date. Older homes in what were the dormitory suburbs of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s are generally ‘formula’ builds reliant on internal walls for structural integrity. Brick veneer or weatherboard, these homes are often 3 bedroom 1 bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and service rooms like a laundry or an attached garage. Quite simply the quality of the build, the materials and the size of the home don’t really offer much incentive for renovation or extension.

04 3 Irving Box Hill - 005

But the land value is now the main component of any valuation on this type of property. As such the best solution is often a ‘knock-down’ or demolition, with a rebuild capitalising on the large block and inherent land value.

05 3 Irving Box Hill - 008.jpg

Such larger blocks are often suitable for dual or multiple occupancy building projects. From simple dual occupancy packages that create two dwellings on the property, through to strata title developments such as Town Houses, Apartments or Unit developments – it’s generally quite possible.

06 3 Irving Box Hill - 003

The advantage here for the homeowner is the profitability involved, as well as the creation of a new dwelling for the original owners to occupy if they desire. For those seeking a Sea-change or a Tree-change, the development can be ideal. Downsizing to an apartment or townhouse whilst offering another 3 to 6 units for sale on a strata title makes sound business sense. It can also enable the original homeowners the opportunity of purchasing or building a far more substantial home on their new chosen location by the sea or in the trees.

07 3 Irving Box Hill - 002

SLR Concepts Building and Construction have an excellent track record in developing and constructing such projects. You can rely on SLR Concepts for completely professional meticulous planning and execution of all such building projects. From the initial council permits for demolition, building and strata title development – right through until lock-up and handover stage. The reward? Certainly peace of mind and a simply epic excellent build; and the certainty you can trust SLR Concepts to deliver.

08 4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 003.jpg

For more information please call 03 5981 0661 now and arrange a free no obligation consultation with our Building Team – yes, that’s right, you work with the builder – not a salesman. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply. During these times – if you prefer – a virtual meeting can be arranged utilising Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp – whichever you prefer.

09 4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 009

Prepare now for a brighter future. Plan for the future with lifestyle and comfort in mind with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

10 4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 011

SLR Concepts – simply the very best.

Apartment Living with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

01 20 Blessington St St Kilda - Building facade - Render

As many advertisements on radio are now pitching, it’s easier for first home buyers to gain a foothold in the housing market with generous grants and first home buyer Government packages. And to a large extent many savvy buyers are opting for Apartment living.

02 201 202 of 63 Hawdon Street Heidelberg - 009[1]

The reasons are not complex. Most young home buyers lead busy lives with both partners working, often in high pressure jobs. Many of the larger formula building groups develop estate living on the outer edge of Greater Melbourne. Satellite suburbs, requiring long daily commutes. Lifestyle is often far more restricted with fewer cafés, gyms and entertainment options, and long drives to meet up with family and friends.

03 201 202 of 63 Hawdon Street Heidelberg - 010

Apartments are often built in older areas where housing stock has deteriorated or is unsuitable for renovation. Areas like Ringwood, Ivanhoe, Seaford, Oakleigh and Mt Waverly are good examples where there has been much activity on such developments. Apartment complexes, Town House developments and modern units provide the right mix for many young buyers.

04 28 Rosella Street Murrumbeena - 003

But it’s worth keeping in mind that today’s young buyers are very discerning. They’re looking for design, style and functionality. They require energy efficient homes with all modern conveniences as standard. Climate Control, Solar, Data connected – a simple smooth transference from work to home. Areas to relax – indoor/outdoor courtyards, feature windows with panoramic views, and a high level functional kitchen and dining area.

05 2 136 Warrandyte Rd Ringwood - 019

SLR Concepts Building and Construction specialise in building such Apartments, Townhouses and Units. For property owners there is a real possibility of enjoying genuine capital gains with such developments. Add to the market appeal the reality that in many instances, residual land value is a solid financial incentive to embark upon such projects. For many people contemplating their retirement and future, there is the added incentive of securing a future property for their retirement at a substantially higher value. Alternatively, the Strata Title option gives homeowners the option of downsizing to a smaller apartment or townhouse on the property, retaining the advantages of local lifestyle and connections, and profitably redeveloping their property to provide for their future.

For those wanting to know more about such property conversions, call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. During lock-down, site visits are still possible or alternatively you can arrange a virtual meeting on Skype, Zoom, Messenger or Whatsapp.

08 2 136 Warrandyte Rd Ringwood - 004

It’s a lifestyle decision that provides many positives, but to be sure that it will really work, it’s imperative to engage a builder with a successful track record in such projects. SLR Concepts have an enviable record of Constructing many such Apartments and Town House developments.

09 2 136 Warrandyte Rd Ringwood - 009

All permits, planning and documentation is prepared and taken care of by SLR Concepts. You can relax and watch your project take shape knowing you have the right team in place. It’s the right decision.

10 3B Hawson Avenue - 009

SLR Concepts – they’re simply the best.


Heritage Homes – Renovations and additions that provide space and lifestyle yet retain character and heritage features.

001 _BRI3352

A heritage listed home can provide a raft of dilemmas. Homes built pre 1950 are often box-like. California Bungalows and other Federation period homes often need substantial renovation to make them truly liveable by today’s standards. Older properties such as Victorian Terraces and Queen Anne style mansions offer larger rooms with high ceilings, but what is the answer when it comes to extensions and renovations? It’s a time when it’s simply mandatory to engage expert advice – with SLR Concepts.

002 3 Irving Box Hill - 006

Heritage listings often refer specifically to the building’s façade, roof construction, balconies and verandahs and external features or plaster mouldings and staircases internally.


This means that with careful planning and modern engineering, such homes can be opened up and expanded, especially towards the rear. Often it’s the case in really old buildings that inappropriate alterations have taken place – fireplaces removed, walls installed, flooring replaced – the list goes on. These provide opportunities to restore and refresh.

004 02 3 Irving Box Hill - 005

In Beaumaris, Black Rock, Caulfield there are many examples of ‘Mid Century Modern’ designed and built by well known architects of the times – the late 1950s to the mid 1960s. These homes are classic in design, but require more living space to meet todays standards. Extensions and internal expansions of living areas are both possible without compromising the superb design elements of the times. A well executed renovation and extension on such a property will add value and provide much needed liveable space.

005 _BRI3400

The wrong decisions and you diminish your property’s value and may even be faced with fines and restoration orders. It’s essential that you receive expert advice and engage competent builders with verifiable track record in such projects.

006 4 3 Irving Box Hill - 004

SLR Concepts Building and Construction have an enviable record in the construction of luxury homes, the restoration and renovation of existing properties both heritage and otherwise. The SLR Concepts team understand the planning requirements for Heritage homes as well as the implications of Heritage overlays on particular suburbs and areas.

007 05 4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 007

For all your building requirements whether it’s strata plan Townhouses, Apartments or Units, whether it’s a classic late 18th Century terrace home in Albert Park, St Kilda or Brighton you can trust SLR Concepts Building and Construction to deliver.

008 06 39 Waterview Mt Matha - 001

Larger living areas with indoor/outdoor kitchen and entertaining areas, solar power, water recycling, full data control – climate control, media and security. Owning a property built in the 19th Century or mid 20th Century doesn’t mean you have to live in the style of the times. Elegant transference means retaining the beauty and charm of the period yet adapting to the comfort available today in the 21st Century.

009 07 39 Waterview Mt Matha - 005

Want to know more? Call 03 5981 0661 and schedule an appointment. In these uncertain times, you can arrange either a normal meeting at your convenience or arrange for a video virtual meeting via Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

010 08 105 Stanley Red Hill - 002

When selecting a builder, it’s common sense to select the very best; The one who doesn’t cut corners, embraces modern engineering and construction and ultimately delivers on time and on budget.

That’s SLR Concepts Building and Construction – Simply the very best.