Spending time at home during the lockdown? Time to reflect on what’s possible with SLR Concepts.

With many people now working from home during Stage 2 of the COVID-19 lockdown, there is an opportunity to consider the future, post the emergency with regards to your home and perhaps how to approach the future.


For those fortunate enough to own their own homes outright, or close to it, it really is a good time to consider your major asset and just how it may assist you going forward into the future. Perhaps you and your partner are now ‘empty nesters’, your children having grown up, completed their education and now have left home to set up their own lives and families.

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Many older homes in mid-range suburbs such as Cheltenham, Parkdale and Moorabbin, Bentleigh and beachside suburbs from Mordialloc to Frankston have significant land value but realistically are not really renovation prospects. This also applies in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs from Balwyn through to Ringwood and surrounding suburbs.

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These properties however are often located on very large blocks. Council zonings in such areas have changed over the past twenty years and a raft of possibilities offers genuine financial reward and a tidy return on your most significant asset – the family home.

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It can be as simple as Dual Occupancy, whereby two dwellings can replace the original building, one for the current occupants to reside in and one to be sold or rented creating either an instant windfall or long term a passive income.

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A step up from such a development is a Townhouse development that could range from 4 to 8 individual properties. Alternatively, in some areas it’s possible to develop a full apartment block providing the ultimate in modern living but enjoying the benefits of suburban locations – views, shopping and schools.

Want to know more? Call SLR Concepts on 03 5981 0661 for a free no obligation consultation. The SLR Concepts Building and Construction team are skilled and well versed in such transformations with a verifiable track record of success in such ventures over many years.

The SLR Concepts team are experienced and knowledgable on Local Government zoning, regulations and permits and will assist clients with these aspects as part of the project. When you select SLR Concepts Building and Construction to build your new home or development you can be confident that all aspects of the project are in hand and covered. Real peace of mind, real professionalism. It’s of utmost importance to gain a complete package that covers the full project from planning applications through to lock up stage.


SLR Concepts – They’re simply the very best.

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Construction Continues, Covid-19 has had little effect on our activity as yet. Building and Construction to continue as normal – SLR Concepts

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For the SLR Concepts Building and Construction, the recommendations from Health Authorities create few restrictions for either current or new projects. The ‘social distancing’ recommended is normal safety practice on any building site in most cases. Nevertheless, SLR Concepts recommend that all our clients, friends and suppliers take real care, follow the recommendations of the medical profession and stay safe.

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It’s interesting to note that ‘social distancing’ requires a 4m spacing. In older houses this objective would be difficult to achieve. Not so with modern construction. Living areas are expansive. Self-isolation could actually be quite a comfortable exercise, and with a greater propensity for indoor/outdoor living areas, the benefits of fresh air and sunshine are simply a push back on bifold doors or sliding feature windows. (During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic one of the most effective treatments for infected patients was to place them outside in the fresh air and sunshine.)

At this stage all SLR Concepts projects remain at full speed straight ahead. Equally for interested parties now is a good time to arrange future projects, whether it’s a new luxury home, an apartment block, a townhouse development or a strata unit development. Much of the groundwork can be achieved online and today Skype calls, WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger calls all offer video and video conferencing.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction are well versed in Local Government regulations, permits and the relevant communications required. From planning stages to ‘lock up’ – you can rely completely on the SLR Concepts team to manage your building project to completion.

Take the time to arrange a Free No-Obligation Consultation to discuss your needs and the possibilities available. Call now on 03 5981 0661and schedule a meeting at your convenience. (Alternatively schedule a site inspection and report after providing a briefing on your requirements). Or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply to your enquiry.

You can totally trust SLR Concepts Building and Construction – The SLR Concepts team have an enviable portfolio of completed projects – on time, on budget. A verifiable track record of success.

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Trust SLR Concepts – they’re simply the best.

Build a future with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

Contemplating building a new home? The land has been purchased. The demolition of an older dwelling approved and scheduled. Now is the time to engage a professional experienced builder, a builder who knows the twists and turns of creating new luxury homes – the planning permits, the best modern building and engineering techniques. It’s time to call SLR Concepts Building and Construction.


SLR Concepts will ensure you achieve the very best possible result for your vision of the future. The SLR Concepts team will provide the drawings, the plans and the expertise to take full advantage of your property. Whether it’s building upwards to multi storey or creating an underground garage – it’s all possible with SLR Concepts.


For those who own or have purchased a substantial suburban or semi-rural block in locations like the outer east of Melbourne, Beachside suburbs or the Mornington Peninsula, there are real options available to you. Many locations now permit multiple dwellings on larger blocks – Dual Occupancy, Apartments, Townhouse and Unit development. Your SLR consultant can advise you on what might be suitable, what costs are involved and what will work best for you and your family.

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Ensure that what you build meets your expectations and requirements. Large open spaces, feature windows and expansive bi-fold doors are all regular features of modern building techniques. Water Saving, Solar Energy, Data Connections and Climate Control are now standard with SLR Concepts Building and Construction, utilised in all constructions.

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Your new home will be a sustainable dwelling, but it will also be luxurious, comfortable and enjoyable. Modern design combined with functionality is the SLR Concepts standard. Swimming pools, Lap pools, Spas and spacious and sumptuous living areas that share outdoor living – full outdoor kitchens, barbecues and entertainment areas – this is really living.

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Yet with clever preparation and selection of energy, water and communication systems, costs ongoing are to be greatly reduced.

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Want to find out more? All SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 and arrange a free consultation at your convenience. Or simply leave your details here

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction deliver on their promises – on time and on budget. Take the time to meet with their experienced team. You’ll be glad you did.

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Building for the future with SLR Concepts. Gain real space and comfort now.

This will be the last year of the family’s High School education. The eldest have already left home and are saving for their own homes now. The house seems rather empty without them. Its time to plan for the future. The question is what is the best alternative – downsizing, renovation or perhaps a subdivision of sorts?


For many in this situation, the family home is their major asset. Now located in an established suburb with all relevant services, schools and retail shopping available and convenient, the property represents a desirable location.


But the reality is in many cases, the dwelling is in fact a light of other days. Small living areas, large lawn and garden areas, pokey bathrooms, dark, low light – built in the 1950s, ‘60s or ‘70s. ultimately the question becomes one of capitalisation. By renovating, does the property retain value or increase in value, or is it simply overcapitalisation?


Home owners have a raft of options. Certainly a modern renovation can provide an excellent solution. With the addition of extensions, a second storey and functional indoor-outdoor living areas, an older property can be transformed. In Bayside suburbs and in Melbourne’s outer east, this can be a comfortable alternative, which creates a modern functional home. Living areas can be opened up, folding doors giving access to purpose built entertainment areas with a fully equipped kitchen and barbecue facility.


But realistically many older homes of that vintage have served their useful lifetime. It’s time for a knockdown and consideration of what alternatives are available.

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For some it will be dual occupancy. Create two dwellings on the large block or if permitted up to 6 Townhouses. The owners retain one dwelling and either sell the other dwelling or townhouses – or receive an income stream via rental. Or perhaps simply build an Apartment block, sell off the plan then purchase a new property elsewhere and build your ‘forever’ home.

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Such decisions rely on experience and expertise. The expertise of a competent builder with a verifiable track record in such transformations. SLR Concepts Building and Construction can take your vision for the future and create a superb new luxury home. Alternatively, the SLR Concepts team can advise you the client on your best course of action, be it Dual Occupancy, Apartments, Units or Townhouse development.


Then again, you may desire to stay exactly where you are, but enjoy the benefits of a complete renovation – not just a makeover. Modern building techniques and engineering can enable a design that provides much greater expanded living space. Modern lighting, climate control. Data systems that harmonise all aspects of modern living. Care free, sustainable, luxury living.

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Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 to arrange a free no-obligation consultation to assist you in determining your future direction and building needs. Ensure you gain maximum leverage on your existing property. Plan a future that rewards you with the luxury and comfort you deserve. Alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply from our team.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction – simply the best.