The Dream Home – Make it a reality with SLR Concepts Building and Construction

When it’s time to consider building a new home, there is a raft of considerations, all seemingly important.

Finance, Building, possible Subdivision or Dual Occupancy, and the style of dwelling, its fittings and design.

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It may be your ‘forever’ home, a vacation home by the beach or simply an investment property.

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Without doubt, your foremost consideration will be access to and advice from a proficient and professional builder.

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As a property owner you have many choices. Do you engage an architect or do you depend on the design capacity of your selected builder? Should it be a combination of both? Often it’s the property itself that may determine this – and your budget.

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Experience matters. your builder needs to be genuinely experienced with a verifiable track record. SLR Concepts Building and Construction have an enviable record in the design and construction of luxury homes, apartments, townhouses and units. Innovative and creative, the SLR Concepts team manages to utilise space to the maximum with modern building techniques and engineering.


SLR Concepts build sustainable homes which offer full solar systems (batteries can be included), modern digitally controlled lighting, climate control, electronic doors, windows and exterior blinds as required.

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An SLR Concepts house is built for living, with full outdoor kitchen/barbecue areas that tastefully merges with interior living areas when feature glass doors are retracted offering incredible space and access to outdoor kitchen gardens, decking, swimming pools and lap pools, spas and much more.

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Bathrooms are spacious and feature marble walls and tiling, modern fittings – bathtubs, basins, shower heads. Whether an expansive private home or a modern apartment complex, there’s room to move around, to be comfortable, to relax.

Take full advantage of your block or property’s position. Arrange that your bedroom or bedrooms enjoy the vistas on offer. It’s simple really – why settle for less?

Call now on 03 5981 0661 to arrange an obligation-free consultation at your convenience, or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

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Take the opportunity to explore with us the possibilities your property offers. it may be that your current property is suitable for Dual Occupancy or a Strata Title (Units, Apartments or Town House development)

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Find out what is possible – your dream home can become a much better reality for you sooner than you think.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction – Master Craftsmen – Simply the best.

Building a New Home for the Future.

Building your new home? So many things to consider, where to start? A good place to start is to set your goals based on what you require and what is actually possible.

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Be as adventurous in your thinking. Solar power, data driven climate control. Large open internal spaces. Living areas designed for – living. Outdoor/indoor exchanges. Large glass doors and feature windows. Open, light, with high ceilings.

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Swimming pool, lap pool or Spa. Huge, spacious bathrooms. Glass walls floor to ceiling, modern porcelain bath tubs and basins. Stainless steel modern fittings – it’s the art of the possible.

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Bedrooms that offer comfort and sanctuary. Electronic blinds externally and modern cordless internals. Built in wardrobes.

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Positioned to blend in with its environment, hillside, ocean views or simply placed for privacy – there are no limits.

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But from a practical position, once you are clear in your vision, your desire and your needs, it’s the right time to commence a conversation with an experienced and competent building practitioner.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction can demonstrate an enviable track record in the design and construction of luxury homes, townhouses and units and Apartment complexes. The art of the possible requires real expertise and precision and that is exactly what SLR Concepts offers. On budget, on time – every time. Superb quality, totally reliable.

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Whether it’s a beachside luxury home of 200sq’s on the coast at St Andrew’s Beach or Rye, or a beautiful river valley hideaway luxury home in Warrandyte, SLR Concepts can deliver the dream home you desire – and deserve.

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Don’t delay – Call SLR Concepts Building and Construction now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. Arrange a obligation-free consultation to discuss your proposed Building Project, New Home or Strata Development.

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SLR Concepts will guide you through each phase of the building process from permits and planning through to full construction and lock-up stage.


You can depend on SLR Concepts to provide a fully professional and competent service.

SLR Concepts – They’re simply the best.

Step into the Future with SLR Concepts Building and Construction.

Living bayside in Melbourne has many advantages. The beach, the moderate weather, the greenery and parks, cafés, outdoor living. But what about your actual home? Is it time to rebuild? To renovate? To add another storey?

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Perhaps it’s the right time to completely re-visit your living situation. Today, building and construction techniques mean open space, indoor/outdoor living with significant entertaining areas. Solar power, water conservation, climate control – it’s all entirely possible.

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Older homes are often constructed with internal walls creating structural support. Right through the 20th Century until the early 1990s this was the norm. Then with steel fabrication, concrete piers and modern truss-work, the shift was on. No more ‘boxy’ small rooms.

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Now that the kids have grown up and moved on, as ‘empty nesters’ it’s time to consider your own comfort. Why not aim for a better quality of life? There are many options. Dual Occupancy can provide a new dwelling for the property owner as well as an income source from the rental of a second dwelling.

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Some properties may simply not be worth renovating, yet the land value due to its size, local zoning and location lends itself to strata title developments such as Town Houses, Apartments or Unit Developments. Owners of the properties can then move into a more comfortable living situation.

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Alternatively, in selected suburbs, whether it is a period home, heritage property or simply a sound and attractive construction, the option may be to extend, to renovate and to modernise. Second storey extensions on 1930s to ‘50s housing stock can add real value to your property. Or tastefully add a rear extension with swimming pool and a full outdoor entertainment area with sliding glass doors and full outdoor kitchen and barbecue area.

Call SLR Concepts Building and Construction now on 03 5981 0661 for a free, no-obligation consultation on what your options may be. SLR Concepts have a fine track record in all areas of building, construction renovation and extensions as has been described, and can provide a strong insight into likely costings, schedules and statutory requirements for any building project that you may be considering.

It’s time to redefine your lifestyle and comfort. Call SLR Concepts on 03 5981 066, or alternatively, leave your details here for a prompt reply.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction for the very best in Luxury, Design, Comfort and Quality.

Spectacular New Home at St Andrew’s Beach

Some constructions can simply take your breath away when completed. The SLR Concepts Building and Construction team have worked on many such projects, from major renovations on Heritage listed properties, to the full construction of strata title units. There have been some spectacular projects, but this latest project handover – Paradise Drive, St Andrew’s Beach – has to be seen to be believed. It is simply amazing.


Sitting atop the ridge line, the property looks out to sea to the South with panoramic beach views taking in the vista of Bass Strait. A comfortable 5-10 minute walk and you’re actually on the beach, an ocean beach with great surfing.

St Andrews Beach 65 Paradise Dr020.jpg

To the North-East, the view is panoramic, a patchwork of greenery all the way to Arthur’s Seat. It’s a spectacular setting and the new construction certainly does it justice. The home is designed to take full advantage of its position as can be seen in the slideshow.

St Andrews Beach 65 Paradise Dr008.jpg

The swimming pool is located on the decking outside the main living areas. it is totally suspended from the ground with large pillars and a feature glass wall. From below it’s a square of blue but from the decking it’s masterful – a sensational vista looking out to sea.

St Andrews Beach 65 Paradise Dr024

The living and dining areas also open onto the decking overlooking the ocean as well as the outdoor kitchen and BBQ area to the rear. The whole living area is designed to take advantage of the extraordinary location and environment. Inclement weather? The windows are automatically sealed, the climate control takes over and the owners simply sit back and watch the show in complete comfort.

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This is a large property stretching over a considerable area. It is set up and designed for independent living at the luxury end of the scale.

All SLR Concepts Building and Construction projects utilise cutting-edge engineering, sustainable living features in Solar Energy, Water Conservation and modern insulation to effect a minimal footprint on the environment; Data controlled at the touch of a sensor.

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Call SLR Concepts now on 03 5981 0661 and make an appointment to meet with our teams for an obligation free consultation. It’s the right time to plan and build the home you’ve always desired. Now is the time to explore the possibilities. Or you can simply leave your details here for a prompt reply setting up an appointment to meet your busy schedule.

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SLR Concepts Building and Construction – the future is now.