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As the population ages, there is often a turnover of large blocks in suitable suburbs to offer urban renewal in the form of Town Houses, Apartments and Dual Occupancy. Larger blocks can accommodate 6 to 8 townhouses, or 3-4 luxury townhouses. Again an apartment complex these days can be constructed allowing up to 60 squares per apartment – real space, real living, the SLR Concepts way.

32_34 Johansons Road Warrandyte _023

Johansons Rd, Warrandyte

Currently the SLR Concepts team is developing Townhouses at 57 Woodbine Avenue Chelsea. Townhouses one and two have progressed to construction of level 2, whilst this week the slab has been poured and completed for townhouse Three at the rear of the block. The previous dwelling here was a standard 3 bedroom weatherboard home that had seen better days. Local Government recognises the limitation of such housing in that it is not suitable for renovation but generally such houses are situated on very large blocks. Consequently, Councils have rezoned many areas to accept Strata Title and Dual Occupancy on such blocks.

The financial advantages to those owning such properties are obvious. And with modern construction techniques, large comfortable dwellings taking full advantage of natural light and space are the result.

SLR Concepts have constructed a number of such developments in both South East Melbourne, the inner North and in Ringwood North in the Outer East of Melbourne.


Rosella St, Murrumbeena


Hawdon St, Ivanhoe


Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood

With modern convenience that includes full climate control, data based household systems, water saving, clever use of outdoor and common areas, SLR Concepts achieve a truly sustainable building foot print on all its projects.

For those interested in exploring Dual Occupancy or Town House development, please feel fee to call our office on 03 5981 0661 and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

SLR Concepts will facilitate and confirm all permits and documentation required by local authorities, providing a stress-free process for clients, right through to ‘lock up’ stage

Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave you details here for a prompt reply to your enquiry.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction.Real Space, Real Living, Luxury and Comfort.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction – Luxury and Comfort, Room to Move.

4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 011

When selecting your builder, consider what capacity the company can offer. For some builders, it’s a single project at a time. For others it’s a myriad of properties being constructed, mostly to ‘cookie cutter’ design. It pays to check on past performance. For highly individual creative projects, select a builder that can demonstrate a portfolio of such projects, and really you need look no further than SLR Concepts.

4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 003.jpg

At SLR Concepts, it’s the prospect of a very different individual project that excites the team. Bayside or nestled in a quiet court in the Eastern Suburbs, SLR Concepts will develop and construct a property that melds into the environment rather than overriding it. Take advantage of bayside views, open vistas or treelined ridges. Be part of the environment without dominating it.

2 Valley Drive Rye - 002.jpg

Find extra space, create a truly ‘el fresco’ open plan living area. Somewhere to be enjoyed all year round with an outdoor barbecue/kitchen area. Secured in winter, yet open in summer. Space to entertain family and friends.

4 Hillcroft Ave Hampton - 010.jpg

SLR Concepts will provide the latest in energy saving devices, climate control and water saving. For the SLR team, sustainability isn’t just a buzz word, its a practical solution to living in a changing world. Solar energy storage batteries aren’t far off and for many people the time is coming to ‘live off the grid’. With SLR Concepts builders, you can be assured you will be ready and prepared. Saved water can be used for purpose – sewage, irrigation, even pools.


But as was stated at the beginning of this article, SLR are the builders that will deliver on time to schedule. The SLR team facilitates all Council permits, plan submissions and more. The building process is smooth and trouble free. Before you know it, its time to take delivery of the keys at lock-up stage.

So whether you’ve decided on a total ‘knock down’ and rebuild, dual occupancy, a strata townhouse development or a modernisation and renovation, please don’t hesitate to call SLR Concepts on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt reply to your enquiry followed up by onsite consultation to discuss your needs, your vision and how the SLR Concepts team can realise the full potential of your opportunity.

SLR Concepts Building and Construction – Real space, real living, Luxury and Comfort.

Building and Construction by SLR Concepts – Your new home – Step inside


It’s been a journey. From the day you sighted the block. Standing on the highest point. What a view! North to the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay, South to the sand dunes of the Southern Ocean. Then came the desire to build a home that captured those vistas yet created a discreet position in the existing landscape. It was the moment you first contacted SLR Concepts for a build and design to fulfil your vision, your dream. And today the house has been completed to lock-up stage and you are taking the keys.


It’s a process you’ve been part of since the first survey was completed. To build and construct your dream home required a series of permits and communications with local government. Fortunately this was taken care of by SLR Concepts – from the very outset; with impeccable timing and delivery. Definitely a very smooth ride!.


This was to be your ‘forever’ home, the place for you to raise your children, your ‘Shangri-La’, your retreat. You’d asked for space and liveability, sustainability in energy use – lighting, climate control and water usage; the latest in Solar innovations and data systems.


A Kitchen that provided the latest in equipment – stove tops, ovens, benches, dishwashers and refrigeration units. A kitchen where you and your family could be master chefs. With breakfast bar and open dining areas attached. An indoor-outdoor living area with a summer barbecue and kitchen area. With the space to entertain, to relax, to take in those coastal airs. On all this SLR Concepts have delivered and today is the first day when you can officially say – It’s mine.


From 200sqs to 40sqs – you’ll feel like you’re the real focus of your new home. But actually it simply looks magnificent. It blends with the local environment – a clever use of stone, timber and an appreciation of the local topography. Next comes the landscaping with the use of your favourite native and indigenous plantings.


Building a new home can be an entirely joyous experience. But first you need a builder with vision, expertise and competence. A builder that leaves nothing to chance. Whether you choose to utilise an architect or simply utilise the design skills and expertise of the SLR Concepts team, you’ve made the right selection.



Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave a message here for a prompt reply to your enquiry.

SLR Concepts offers a flexible but entirely professional approach to building and constructing your dream home. This is a building team and program you can entirely trust.

Space, light and comfort.

Real luxury.

It’s another home from SLR Concepts – Expertise and Professionalism in Building and Construction.

SLR Concepts – The Right Choice

When considering a new home, the biggest decision for most people is selecting the right builder. Competence, a verifiable track record on similar projects and recommendations are a good start. but just as importantly, you want a builder who offers creativity, vision and a complete complement of the latest in fit out, equipment and the clever use of space.


Importantly, you now want a home that is energy efficient, with effective water saving and up to the minute climate control. For all these reasons it’s the right time to be talking to SLR Concepts.


At SLR Concepts, whether you select to build on acreage, bayside with water views or to create a dual occupancy option in an established location such as Black Rock, Beaumaris or on the Mornington Peninsula, the finished result will be an outstanding property of simply exceptional design and premium quality.


Its time to enjoy the real space available through modern design. Merging internal and outdoor living areas, large feature windows, modern fully equipped kitchen areas and bathrooms with real room to move with the latest in ceramics and tapware.


If you’re considering your next move – whether it’s to ‘knock down’ the existing dwelling and create a larger multi-storey dwelling, or if you have a large enough block to pursue dual occupancy or strata title development – town houses, apartments or units, it’s the right time to contact SLR Concepts.


SLR Concepts will ensure all permits and Council documentation are prepared completed and submitted correctly. Clients are given a schedule of construction right up to lock-up stage. Variables are completely minimal. A completely professional approach from SLR Concepts gives you the client real ‘peace of mind’.


So, in reality, it’s not just a builder you require – it’s a builder with energy, style and an eye for comfort and luxury, a builder who will create the home you desire, that when finished you will simply delight in both now and for years to come.


Now is the right time to contact SLR Concepts. Call now on 03 5981 0661 or leave your details here for a prompt and informative response.

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